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My Lawyer Wants Me To Settle

My Lawyer Wants Me To Settle

You may be thinking my lawyer wants me to settle what should I do? Even if your lawyer wants you to settle your case, that is an important decision that you must make yourself. Thinking about it more carefully can potentially get you the best outcome for your case.

Your statement: “My lawyer wants me to settle.” If a lawyer wants you to settle your case there may be good reason. However, it is important to consider important factors like your level of damages, the level of insurance or funds available to you, the length of time it will take to get a higher settlement, and the level of expense involved.

It is important to be able to trust your legal counsel. If you believe your lawyer is being lazy or do not believe that your lawyer is fighting to get you the best result, it is important to look into the issue more closely. One way to do that is by getting a free consultation with another attorney that is experienced with your type of case.

We have the experience and been fighting for individuals and families for many years to get them paid settlements. I can tell you that some cases settle higher than others. One of the factors that determine how high the case might settle for is the amount of hardwork we put into the case as well as the level of determination and confidence that we have.

What If My Lawyer Wants Me To Settle?

Free 24/7 Consultation With Attorney

Top attorney Jimmy Hanaie, esq is available to speak to you about your settlement offer as well as your goals. We can provide a free evaluation of your case.

You can even send us a copy of your file or we can request it from your attorney in order to review it and see if things are working out in the best interest or if you want to switch lawyers over to our law firm.

One of the problems with accepting the first settlement offer made to you is that once the settlement offer is accepted, there is usually no way to go back and get more money. So, you have to do it right to get the best settlement outcome for your situation.

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We fight to obtain the maximum best outcome for our clients that is always our number one goal for each and every one of our clients!

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