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Attorney Forcing Me To Settle

Attorney Forcing Me To Settle

What if my attorney forcing me to settle? That can be frustrating. If a lawyer is forcing you to settle that can be against ethical responsibilities of the attorney as well. Your attorney is there to fight for you in order to get you the best result, and should not be forcing you to settle your claim.

If you are thinking “my lawyer forcing me to settle,” that may go in the way of your attorney providing you good and fair legal representation. Your attorney is there to help fulfill you goals, not the other way around. However, it is also important to have realistic goals about your settlement based on the damages and possible compensation available.

Your case is ultimately in your hands, but it is important to make a good decision based on the circumstances and the strength of your case. One way to evaluate your claim, is by using an outside perspective of an experienced attorney who has handled settlements in the past like our law firm has.

You may feel like you have a lot of damages and should be entitled to a large financial settlement. However, it is generally a lot better if you have actual proof of these damages such as bills and invoices. For example, in a personal injury case it can be very helpful to have documented proof such as medical bills and invoices from a medical facility.

Why Is Attorney Forcing Me To Settle?

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Your attorney might have a valid viewpoint and reason. However, it is still recommended to get a free second opinion from a lawyer. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has been a lawyer since 2013 and can speak to you about your legal issues and any other problem you are dealing with.

There are many different types of cases with a wide range of possible settlements. We may be able to do an asset check on the defendant for you to see if you should stick in the fight and go for a higher settlement if it makes sense for your case.

There are so many different types of cases such as personal injury, car accidents. truck accidents, wrongful death, labor law, wrongful termination, wage and hour, workers compensation, family law alimony, lemon law, consumer rights cases, brain injuries, mesothelioma and asbestos, and much more.

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