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Attorney Missed Appeal Deadline

Attorney Missed Appeal Deadline

If your attorney missed appeal deadline, you may have legal options. When an attorney has missed an appeal deadline, you might have a case for legal malpractice against your attorney in some situations. However, each case is different and there are a lot of unique and important circumstances.

When an attorney missed appeal deadline, the attorney may be negligent and be subject to disciplinary action or legal malpractice. For example, your attorney might have failed to file your opening brief on time. Sometimes it is possible to request an extension. However, if your attorney missed the deadline, its possible that you have a legal malpractice case against the attorney.

Still, some more things need to generally be proven before you can sue the attorney for missing the appeal deadline. You usually also need to prove that you suffered damages due to this mishap. In order to show that, you may need to show that you would have won your case if the attorney had not missed the deadline.

Often, even if you do not have a valid legal malpractice claim, you might still have a case against the attorney for breach of contract or a breach of other fiduciary duties.

If Your Attorney Missed Appeal Deadline.

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