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My Lawyer Not Answering My Calls

My Lawyer Not Answering My Calls

There are options if you’re asking my lawyer is not answering my calls. Lawyers should call their clients and if your lawyer is not answering your call that is very important. By not calling you or responding to your phone calls, the attorney is also not updating you about your case.

“My lawyer is not answering my calls” is an important question and search that many people have. Attorneys are required to communicate with their clients, but sometimes they seem to fail on that duty and obligation. If your lawyer is not answering when you call, you have legal options.

One of those options is to regroup and consult with a different attorney. Choose an attorney that seems to communicate well with their clients. Our law firm really thinks that word of mouth is very important, so communicating with our clients well over the phone and in person is one of our top priorties.

Making the call is completely up to you. All it takes is clicking the call button or calling us at (800) 400-5050 to speak with an attorney over the phone quickly and fast for your completely free consultation.

Options When My Lawyer Not Answering My Calls

If your lawyer is not answering your calls it is not a good sign. One option is that you can try to email or fax the lawyer or go to their office.

However, it might be a better option altogether to just end up changing your lawyer and picking a lawyer that truly cares to fight for your legal rights aggressively.

In addition, for most of the civil cases, there is no fee unless we win. If we do not win, we simply do not get paid. You have the option of changing your lawyer and it is an option to really consider if your lawyer does not respond to you.

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If your lawyer is not answering the call, we are here to answer your call.

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