Lawyer Not Answering Calls

Lawyer Not Answering Calls

Is your lawyer not answering calls? You hired an attorney to communicate with you so why is the lawyer not answering calls? There can be many reasons why your lawyer might be declining or ignoring calls, but none of them are good reasons to avoid you.

A lawyer not answering calls conflicts with an attorneys obligation and duty to communicate with clients. However, an attorney is generally not required to answer every call. Nevertheless, the attorney does have a duty to communicate important developments of your case with you.

Listen, sometimes lawyers are too busy. They may have signed up more cases than they can handle and this may get them overwhelmed and even depressed at times. On the other hand, they might be on vacation instead of giving your case the attention it deserves.

Regardless, one great option you have available to you is to pick up the phone and simply call another attorney. Our law firm would be happy to speak to you over a phone call or in person meeting to learn all about you and your case.

My Lawyer Not Answering My Calls

Free Second Opinions Are Important

Lawyers are not perfect. Your lawyer might be confused about your case and not know how to do the work or provide you with the answers that you need. Thankfully, there are many attorneys to choose from if your lawyer is not answering your calls.

We pride ourselves in providing a 100% free consultation and free case evaluation for our clients. Taking the next step is in your hands, you have the option of calling our phone number (800) 400-5050 absolutely free for a free consultation and free case evaluation on the telephone.

You can speak with an actual experienced and aggressive attorney that understands the importance of communication and customer service. That is why we thought it would be extremely important to provide this valuable information to you.

Take the next step and call us today for a free consultation. You will be happy you did. Call (800) 400-5050 day or night 7 days a week for a free consultation.

Thank you!