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How To Get A Lawyer To Return Your Call

How To Get A Lawyer To Return Your Call

If your lawyer is not returning your calls, you may be wondering how to get a lawyer to return your call. However, getting a lawyer to actually return your call is not something that is in your power. Instead, it might be a better option to change or switch your attorney and get one who cares.

The ways how to get a lawyer to return your calls include leaving a voicemail message requesting for the attorney to call you back, following up your call with an email requesting a call back, and letting the attorney know your feelings about not getting your calls returned.

You can also speak with other staff members that might work at that law firm and let them know that your attorney is not answering your phone calls. Sometimes, the staff members might mean the difference between getting your call answered or not.

Make sure that the phone number you are calling is correct and up to date. Also, when you leave a voicemail on your lawyer phone’s answering machine, make sure to leave your full name and callback phone number, and the reason and purpose for your call and let the lawyer know that it is urgent.

Ways How To Get A Lawyer To Return Your Call

Communicate Clearly.

When leaving a message for the attorney on their voicemail, make sure to communicate clearly. Also, it may be better to try to call during the lawyer’s working hours. Most attorneys work from 9am to 5pm but the hours may vary for different lawyers.

It can also be a good idea to build a strong relationship with the attorney that is built on mutual understanding and productive communication. Lawyers deal with a lot of issues and concerns every day, and if your lawyer knows that you are positive and optimistic sometimes it can help your lawyer want to speak to you more.

In addition, if your lawyer has asked you to pay any bill or take any other action, they may be waiting for you to take those steps. It is important to follow some of the steps provided to you by your attorney.

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