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My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date Statute Of Limitations

My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date Statute Of Limitations
My lawyer missed the statute of limitations.

My lawyer missed the statute of limitations. Did your lawyer mess up your case, miss a deadline, commit negligence, or other misconduct? You may have a potential legal malpractice case. 

Our founding attorney is powerful and has received an award for legal ethics. Top lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, the legal malpractice attorney California can help with many types of cases on a contingency basis which means that you only pay when you win. If you believe that your attorney messed up your case and or committed legal malpractice, we would like to provide you with California legal malpractice information that may be helpful for you. 

In the legal world, plaintiff attorneys are on the client’s side and go up against defense attorneys for all kinds of cases such as legal malpractice cases, car accident cases, wrongful death cases, and more. Legal malpractice cases work in the same way in the sense that when we get legal malpractice case clients we go up against defense attorneys in order to get compensation.

My Lawyer Missed The Statute Of Limitations
Is this why my lawyer missed the statute of limitations?

A legal malpractice attorney California is a lawyer that sues lawyers and their insurance companies when a mistake or intentional misconduct has occurred. Legal malpractice cases have a wide range of types both for case involving litigation or transactional malpractice or other type of case. Below we discuss some of the types of legal malpractice and about our legal malpractice attorney California law firm.

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You may be wondering if your lawyer was negligent or did legal malpractice. During your free consultation we provide a free case evaluation.

You may have a feeling that your attorney did something wrong, but you might not know if you have a valid claim against your attorney. We talk about how legal malpractice works below.

My Lawyer Missed The Statute Of Limitations
My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date

From the start of our free consultation with you, we care about you and provide friendly and caring free consultation.

So you may be wondering how do you prove legal malpractice? First, one type of legal malpractice is regarding incompetent attorneys that may have been incorrect about the law or used the law incorrectly. For example, if your attorney failed to properly plan your case or prepare your case, that may be a case. This can include the attorney be incompetent and failing to know deadlines or missing deadlines, and more. 

Second, another category of malpractice lawyer cases has to do with deadlines. If there was a failure to know deadlines or meet calendar deadlines that can be a very big violation. If your attorney missed a deadline or failed to meet a deadline or statute of limitations deadline, that can be a case. A legal malpractice attorney California can help see if your attorney missed filing complaint deadlines, statute of limitations deadlines, or other important deadlines.

Third, another type of malpractice is related to documents. For example, failure to file documents in order to preserve the statute of limitations, misplacing or losing files or documents, errors in record searches, inadequate discovery or investigation, and much more. If you believe their was an error with the documents of your case, we can speak to you about it to see if you might have a case.

My Lawyer Missed The Statute Of Limitations
My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date

Fourth, if your attorney made a violation that relates to libel or slander or improperly disclosing your information or confidences, you may have a potential legal case. This includes, libel or slander which includes false and negative statements against the client, breach of fiduciary duty, having a conflict of interest, breach of the attorney client privilege and much more. A legal malpractice attorney California law firm can help you determine if the situation involved actual libel or slander or other defamation or violation.

Fifth, there are many potential violations regarding the money involved in a case. There are many different types of violations such as engaging in fraud, stealing your settlement, committing tax mistakes, serious mathematical errors, and many more possible case complaints. If your law firm has made a mistake in regards to your compensation, taxes, or anything else we would love to speak to you.

There are many other violations as well such as if your lawyer procrastinated on your case, caused civil rights violations, conflicts of interest, failure to obtain client consent, fraud, and many other growing list of possible violations. Regardless of what has happened, even if you are not sure if you have a case, you can contact us for a completely free, no obligation, consultation. We are very affordable law firm and generally only get paid when we win.

Generally, when hiring a legal malpractice attorney California law firm, there are some basic criteria for a legal malpractice case that we look for. 

First, an attorney-client relationship should have usually existed between the attorney and the client. This relationship is not based solely on a contract, because even verbal agreements or oral agreements and other forms of communication can be enough to build this type of relationship as well. All of the facts are looked at in order to determine if an attorney-client relationship existed.

Second, the attorney must have made a mistake or other negligent act. This is sometimes a difficult element to prove, but it is a required element in legal malpractice cases. Just because you did not get the result for your case that you desired, does not necessarily mean that your attorney was negligent or made a mistake.

Third, you must have suffered damages or losses that were caused as a result of the attorney’s mistake or negligence. For example, if your attorney missed a deadline causing you to not be able to have a lawsuit anymore because the statute of limitations passed negligently you may have a strong case. At that point we look to see if you had a valid claim in the first place and the damages that resulted based on what type of compensation you may have received from winning that case or would have saved if the mistake did not happen. Each case is different and we need to dissect the facts to determine what type of compensation you might be entitled to.

My Lawyer Missed The Statute Of Limitations
did not file proper paperwork?

In order to determine that your attorney was negligent, we look to see if the attorney may have violated the standard of care that he should have provided you with. If he failed to do his part, and this caused harm to you, there is a high chance that you have a legal mal case. To see if the attorney failed to meet the standard of care, the attorney is measured up against a hypothetical similar attorney and the skill experience and diligence a similar attorney would have provided. If your attorney was performing duties reasonably and in good faith, that can be a defense that the attorney can use.

If you are looking for a legal malpractice attorney near me, we want you to know that we handle cases all throughout California. Legal malpractice can be very complex. Based on our blog, we discuss that case law such as conflict of interest mistakes, missed deadlines, and compensation issues, and more can be malpractice. Legal malpractice demand letter may be sometimes be enough and other times you might need an experienced litigation attorney. The definition of legal mal can include many different topics such as divorce settlement, fraud, family law, federal court cases, plaintiff attorney cases, personal injury lawsuit cases, real estate cases, wrongful termination, estate planning, transactional malpractice, and much more basically any type of case. 

In this page we have defined some information, elements, and examples, and more regarding law malpractice. Law Firms can make mistakes regarding many things like forms, court hearing, interrogatories, payouts, lawsuit deadlines, request for admissions, release form, requirements, request for production, 

verdicts and settlements, violations of rules of professional conduct, and more. If you are a victim of potential legal malpractice and want to know more about the topic you can contact us for a free consultation or look at our guides and news blog. 

My Lawyer Missed The Statute Of Limitations

Evidence is very important in legal malpractice legal cases by legal malpractice attorney California law firms. So it is important to keep all documents, communications, voicemails, and other communications you have with your attorney. This includes agreements such as retainer agreements and other agreements between you and the other. Also, it can include case records, discovery documents, court records, filed complaint, legal expert testimony or advice, and much much more. Our legal malpractice attorney fees California are affordable and for many cases you only pay if and when you win.

There are many rules that the attorney may have violated and you may be entitled to compensation or other legal remedies. You can ask about insurance issues, bad faith, punitive damages, personal liability, and much more. We offer a completely free consultation and there is absolutely no obligation. We are a friendly law firm that enjoys speaking to legal malpractice victims. We handle Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, with our legal malpractice attorney California law firm and more. We handle cases in both northern California and southern California. 

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