Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles

Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles

Best Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles

There are important considerations when hiring a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles, California. Of course, many lawyers want to be the best lemon law attorney in Los Angeles. However, the truth may be deceiving sometimes.

A Los Angeles lemon law attorney represents individuals with lemon law and consumer rights cases involving defective vehicles or consumer products. Therefore, if a vehicle or product is defective, a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles may help the consumer get compensation.

This can include legal rights associated with (Both New and Used) cars, motorcycles, boats, appliances, vehicles, computers, and more. The majority of cases that we handle are related to cars and trucks and other vehicles.

Hiring A Consumer Rights Lawyer

Best Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles California

Yes, the lemon law can apply for both leased vehicles, purchased vehicles, financed vehicles, and more. If your used car or new car is having a problem, you may be entitled to a very large financial compensation settlement for your lemon law claim.

We are a lemon law attorney Los Angeles law firm that sues automobile manufacturers when their automobiles are defective. The automobile manufacturers usually must have been given a reasonable number of attempts or a reasonable number of days to repair or replace the vehicle.

If the automobile dealership fails to reasonably repair or replace the vehicle within a certain number of repairs or visits, you may be entitled to compensation through a lemon law buyback.

1 Repair?That can sometimes be enough.
Various repairs?Lets discuss all of them together.

Sometimes even 1 repair visit can be enough for a valid lemon law case in Los Angeles. (For example, if you repair takes longer than 30 days even 1 repair visit can be enough.)

We get paid by the automobile manufacturers. You are never personally responsible for our legal fees.

You may have a lot of questions about the amount level of compensation you may be entitled to. But one thing is always true, having a powerful experienced attorney for your lemon case helps massively.

You do not need to worry about being able to afford our legal services, because our lemon law service is free to you. We only get paid when we win.

Any Upfront Fee?We do not charge any upfront fees or costs.
What models and brands?The list goes on and on. Most related brands in America will qualify.

The automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Honda, Hyundai, GM, Nissan, Tesla, and others know about our law firm. Our powerful results make a loud sound in the legal market.

California Lemon Law Attorney Info

California Lemon Law Attorney Info

Top Lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, esq

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is a powerful lemon law attorney Los Angeles attorney offering a free consultation and free case evaluation. In addition, when our lemon law lawyer Los Angeles law firm helps you, there is no fee unless we win.

Free Consultation?Always 100% Free consultation.
Any Upfront Fee?No, we only get paid when we win.

If you do not win your lemon law case, we do not charge any legal fees. So it is very affordable for you to hire our lemon law lawyer Los Angeles law firm.

Many times we may get paid our attorneys fees directly from the automobile manufacturer instead of getting it from you. We are happy to inform you that you are never personally responsible for our legal fees out of pocket. Our lemon law firm is on your side and here to help you with your lemon law case.

Best Lemon Law Attorney

If you are looking for lemon law Los Angeles information from the best lemon law attorney, you are in the right place. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie graduated from top law school UC Hastings law school in 2013.

Throughout his legal career he has focused heavily on helping individuals and their families in personal injury, consumer rights, and lemon law Los Angeles cases. 

How long a lawyer?Became a lawyer in year 2013.
Focus areas?Lemon law, consumer rights, personal injury, etc.

When you contact us and speak to a lemon lawyer Los Angeles, we begin by reviewing your repair invoices and vehicle purchase agreement in order to see how much money you have spent on the vehicle and what problems you are experiencing with the vehicle.

We know how important your vehicle is to your life and financial security. For that reason, our lemon lawyer Los Angeles law firm does a careful analysis of your vehicle records to get a good idea of the strength of your lemon law case.

Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles County

Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles County

Sometimes your problems may have been regarding one vehicle problem and other times your vehicle might of had multiple different types of problems. Either way, you may still have a lemon law claim on your hands.

Have repair invoices?We want to review all documents for free.
Have vehicle contract?Reviewing your contract can shine helpful light on the facts.

A lemon law attorney Los Angeles law firm can speak to you about the types of problems you are having, review the repair invoices, and provide you with their opinion regarding your claim and more.

Take the time to speak with Los Angeles lemon law attorneys for your free consultation today! 

Dedicated Lemon Law Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Some lemon law cases result in settlements before litigation, but other cases require litigation in order to get the best result. We are here for you for all stages of lemon law cases.

We are prepared to speak to you and see exactly what stage of your case you are currently dealing with. Even if you already have an attorney that is working on your case, you may be unhappy with that lemon attorney and want to get a free second consultation from our law firm. 

Available 24/7?Yes
No Fee Promise?If we do not win, you do not pay us. Simple as that.

Attorney Jimmy has been living in Los Angeles for the majority of his life and is a true Angeleno. He attended UCLA University of California Los Angeles for his undergraduate education where he studied history and philosophy. Next, he attended and graduated from top legal university UC Hastings law school and graduated in 2013. 

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has dedicated his life to fight for the people of California and their legal rights.

Lemon Lawyer Los Angeles Requirements 

Lemon Lawyer Los Angeles Requirements

One of the requirements of the lemon law is that usually your vehicle must have been either under warranty or at least extended warranty during your vehicle repairs.

The year and mileage of your vehicle is also related to the warranty period of your vehicle. So one of the first questions that we ask is regarding the year, make and model, and number of miles on your vehicle. 

Have a warranty or extended warranty?That is usually very important.
Has your warranty already expired?It is possible to still have a case if your problems occurred while your vehicle was under warranty.

For the California lemon law to apply, it is usually also required for you to have originally leased the car or purchased the vehicle from inside the state of California.

Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys For All Types Of Cars

call attorney Jimmy Hanaie

We handle cases throughout the state of California. We can even come to your home or office to meet with you. Alternatively, you can come to our office and meet with our powerful legal team.

Can you visit our law office?Yes, and we have amazing coffee waiting for your arrival.
Would you like us to come to you?Yes, we would be happy to visit your home, office, or nearby location.

In many cases even if you are no longer in the state of California, but you got the vehicle from inside California, you could possibly still have a lemon law California.

As a top lemon law attorney Los Angeles California law firm, we have extensive experience with many different types of vehicles. We are available to speak to you about the type of vehicle you have.

Los Angeles Lemon Law Lawyer

At our law firm, the people of California are part of our tribe. We care so deeply about our clients and all consumers when their vehicle is defective. You may have questions about lemon law criteria, buyback calculation formula, negative equity, contingency fee, attorney fees, and so much more.

We are here to help clarify the information for you. Speak with a Lemon Law Attorney Los Angeles CA today regarding your lemon law case.

Lemon LawyerJimmy Hanaie, esq.
Level of experienceWell experienced in lemon law.

Our lemon law firm can speak to you about the California lemon law requirements and provide you with reviews and any other information you would like to help with making your decision.

We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation today.

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