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Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product?

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product? Yes, in many cases if you are dealing with a defective product you may be able to sue the company for damages and get paid compensation.

Product liability lawyers sue companies when they fail to produce properly working goods. We all use products on a daily basis, but when products fail to work properly they can lead to severe injuries and even wrongful death. Product liability claims can be singular individual claims or part of a class action lawsuit. You can get a free consultation with product liability lawyers.

Have you or a family member or loved one been injured? We handle many types of injury cases as well as product liability cases. These product liability cases usually fall under just a few categories.

These include manufacturing defects, design defects, and inadequate warning for most cases. Our founding attorney, Jimmy Hanaie, has been featured in the newspaper as a leading product liability attorney.

If a product design defect, manufacturing defect, failure to warn, or other flaw in a product caused you harm, you may be entitled to a large financial compensation settlement.

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

Have You Been Injured By A Product?

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One minute you are using a product and the next moment it may have caused a severe injury to you or a loved one. We are here to speak about it now. Get a free consultation.

No fee unless we win. Product liability personal injury lawyer.

We have many years of experience handling personal injury cases. Our founding attorney has been featured in the news for product liability representation.

We would love to know what product has caused the injury. We truly take delight in getting to know people and their legal matters and would love to hear from you.

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

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Product Liability Attorney

As a product liability law office, we hear about many different types of defective products. From defective machinery, cars, food cases, hip replacement devices, defective guns, pharmaceutical issues, defective construction vehicles, helmet, and much much more.

Sometimes the product may have caused the injury directly and other times it may simply be a result of exposure or a failure to warn or other issue.

Product Liability Cases

We as product liability lawyers handle cases on a contingency basis which means that we only get paid when you win. If we represent you and you do not win compensation, we simply do not get paid any legal fees.

We take the risk of spending our own money in representing our clients, filing the lawsuit, litigating the case, and more because we our confident in our skills and abilities.

In product liability lawsuits there can be multiple negligent parties that all contributed to the manufacturing and distributing of the product. Those companies and entities that may potentially be liable for the injury are referred to as the “chain of distribution.”

Think of each entity, company, or person that was involved in the making of that product as one of the links in the chain. The links of the chain are usually the manufacturer, supplier, retailer, and more in the chain of distribution.

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

Product Liability Law Firm

Product liability lawyers know how to follow the basics in coverage of the chain of distribution in order to see if they fulfill the elements of a product liability case.

Generally, the plaintiff attorney in a product liability case has the burden of proof of showing and proving that an entity or company was negligent or deceptive when manufacturing and/or providing the product to consumers like you and me.

There are also statute of limitations deadlines in product liability cases, so if you think you have a case you should contact an attorney immediately for a free case review.

In addition, you should always keep the product, the receipt, any and all communications you have with the manufacturer or producer and product and any other evidence that you may have.

Waiting too long has a way of creating a mess and may lead to lost evidence which can ruin your case as well.

Best Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability cases are based on three type of defects. The first type of defect is called a “manufacturing defect”. One way of showing that the product has a manufacturing defect is when the product is of “substandard” quality.

A product is sometimes referred to as being substandard if its quality or design is different than it is supposed to be in the design details of the Manufacturer. In these types of cases, it must be shown that the product was inadequate or substandard compared to the way the product was intended to be.

A second type of defect is referred to as a “design defect.” Design defects come about when the product is dangerous or unsafe. In these types of legal matters, the pros and cons of the product are generally weighed.

If the product has more disadvantages compared to advantages than your case may be even stronger. In these cases the difficulty is that you need to be able to actually prove that the product is in fact operating in a dangerous or unsafe manner.

For example, even though guns can be dangerous, if someone was injured by a gun, but the gun was operating properly, it will be difficult to prove negligence because the product was not functionally operating in a dangerous or unsafe manner.

Inadequate warning cases are a third type of product liability claim that product liability lawyers pursue. Manufacturers of a product have a duty to tell consumers how to use their product properly and safely.

If the product manufacturers make a failure to warn the consumers of how to use the product properly, and the consumers are injured, then the manufacturer may be held liable.

If the warning is for something that should have already been obvious to the consumer the case will not be as strong as a case for a hidden danger that the manufacturer failed to warn the consumer about.

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

Product Liability Lawyers Near Me

Many product liability lawsuits require expert witnesses and other professionals to be hired in order to provide their expert testimony in the case and help prove that the product was defective.

The costs needed to pay these experts can add up very quickly and be very expensive. However, when our product liability lawyers represent you in a product liability legal matter, we usually pay all of these fees upfront and only get paid back when and if you win.

We are product liability lawyers that are always interested in learning about new and different situations where a product may be defective. Recent products you may have seen in the news include talcum powder lawsuit cases, baby powder, mesh hip replacement, vaginal mesh products, Roundup weed killer, and more.

Other products sometimes include non deploying airbags, guns, lawnmowers, saws, football helmets, bicycle helmets, tobacco, food poisoning, juul, cigarettes, scooters, weed pens, lighters, and more.

Product Liability Lawyers In My Area

We are here for you, and you can always give us a call for a free consultation. We are available each and every day, 7 days a week day or night, even on holidays in order to speak with you regarding your potential product liability case.

We handle cases all throughout California, include both Northern California and Southern California. In addition, even if you are located outside the state of California, but your injury happened in the state of California or the product was manufactured in California or has a connection to the state of California, we may still be able to represent you for post injury, injury fallout, or many other injury situations or wrongful death.

Defective products can lead to many issues such as amputations, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, concussions, subdural hematoma, scars, third degree burns, leg amputation, arm amputations, paralysis, eye injuries and much more.

Can You Sue A Company For A Defective Product

Product Liability Based On Negligence

Product liability lawyers cases can be very complex. We hear many people have questions about breach of warranty, strict liability, insurance coverage, disclaimer requirements and more.

However, we recommend that you always begin by contacting an attorney. It is completely free to contact us for a free case evaluation and there is absolutely no obligation. We would love to speak to you and encourage you to contact us today.

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