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Lawyer Missed Limitation Period

Lawyer Missed Limitation Period

If your lawyer missed limitation period, there are important step that you should take. Statute of limitation periods are very important and when a lawyer misses them it can have bad outcomes.

If a lawyer missed limitation period, the case can most likely be thrown out by summary judgement or the court. That means that the client can no longer have a case for that legal matter. However, the client may have a case against the lawyer for missing the limitation period.

When lawyers mess up cases, they subject themselves to legal liability and possible legal malpractice claims. These claims can be very expensive for the lawyer and his or her legal malpractice insurance carrier.

If the violation was something clear, like a clear situation showing the lawyer missed limitation period, the case may be stronger and take less time to settle or win. However, other times, the case may be more complex and take a full battle with the lawyer and legal insurance company in order to win and get paid compensation.

Tips When Lawyer Missed Limitation Period

Get A Free Consultation With An Attorney

It is a very good idea to get a free consultation and free case evaluation with an attorney who can speak to you about how your other lawyer missed the statute of limitation period and ruined your case.

Lawyers are used to going head to head against one another in these types of claims in all kinds of legal matters, car accidents, wrongful death cases, real estate disputes, labor law disputes, and more. Legal malpractice cases regarding missed limitation periods are no exception.

For the most part, cases involving a failure to file a statute of limitation on time works the same way as other types of cases you might be more used to.

For example, for most legal malpractice cases, our attorneys work on a contingency basis and only get paid if we win your legal claim. This works the same as other types of civil claims on contingency.

Take the next step and consult with out law firm regarding your potential legal matter. We know how tough it can be to hear that your lawyer missed your case limitation period, but we are here to speak to you about it during a completely free consultation.

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