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Lawyer Failed To File On Time

Lawyer Failed To File On Time

If your lawyer failed to file on time, you have important legal rights. When a lawyer fails to file a lawsuit on time, a lot of important things happen. However, even though your original lawsuit might have failed, you might now have a possible claim against your lawyer.

If a lawyer failed to file on time, the lawsuit may be forfeited and might no longer be able to be filed in court. This failure on behalf of the attorney can result in the lawyer being liable and be sued for legal malpractice.

It can be extremely tough to find out that your lawyer may have messed up your case by either forgetting or failing to file your lawsuit with the court on time. The outcome can be devastating and his or her client most likely will no longer be able to bring forward a lawsuit for that legal matter. Sometimes a judge or court might make an exception, but that is generally not the case.

If the failure to file the lawsuit on time was a failure on the lawyer’s part, the lawyer may also be negligently liable and may able to be sued for legal malpractice compensation. Most lawyers have legal malpractice insurance for this exact purpose.

Tips If Lawyer Failed To File On Time

Stay Optimistic

You hired an attorney to do represent you in your legal claim and they failed, but there are good legal options for you and you should stay optimistic. Thankfully, you went out and got an attorney and now the burden is not supposed to be on your shoulders.

So if your case has now been dismissed by the court, or you are dealing with summary judgement, or your case has been thrown out for a failure to file a lawsuit on time, you may still be entitled to compensation.

Attorneys are required to provide competent legal representation for their clients. If they fail to do so, their negligence might lead to many problems for them including legal malpractice liability. As for you, you may be entitled to compensation from them.

By speaking with a legal malpractice attorney in your area that can go over all of the facts of your case, you will get a much better understanding of what they may be able to do for you. Legal claims are not all the same and some of them warrant filing legal malpractice cases against the lawyer more than others.

For example, if your original underlying claim was for a significant injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination, or other serious legal matter involving a lot of possible compensation for you, it may make more sense to pursue a legal malpractice claim.

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