If My Lawyer Missed A Deadline

If My Lawyer Missed A Deadline

If my lawyer missed a deadline, I want to know my legal options. It is a very serious situation when a lawyer has missed a deadline. However, some deadlines are more important than others.

If a lawyer has missed a deadline, the lawyer may potentially be liable in the form of legal malpractice and may be required to pay the client compensation. Lawyers have a duty to represent their clients competently and not make major mistakes like missing deadlines that can dismiss the client’s case.

There are many important deadlines in legal cases. There are discovery deadlines, statute of limitations deadlines, expert witness designation deadlines, and more. However, the most important one is probably the statute of limitations deadline.

The reason why the statute of limitations deadline is so important is because if your lawyer missed a deadline regarding the statute of limitations, your case is usually fully dismissed and you become unable to make a legal claim for that matter anymore.

Tips Regarding Lawyer Missed A Deadline

Know What Type of Deadline Was Missed.

We provide a free consultation and free case evaluation regarding all of these types of legal claims. However, before contacting an attorney you may want to know exactly what kind of deadline was missed.

While missing the statute of limitations may cause your case to get dismissed and forever bar you from ever making a lawsuit for that specific legal matter again, missing other types of deadlines like discovery verification deadline may still be serious but not as bad.

An attorney at our law firm can speak to you, and look up the court record on the court website to see if there has been any file opened or said about your legal claim. Sometimes, the court website will provide really good information about the status of the claim.

For example, it might say that your lawyer tried to file a document, but that there has been a summary judgement made against the claim. It can also mention other relevant information about the status of the case or if a record is even available on the court website for that case.

We know how tough it can be to be in a situation where your lawyer missed a deadline for your case. That is why we provide a fully free consultation with no obligation. Just call and speak with an attorney today (800) 400-5050.