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Denied Lemon Law

Denied Lemon Law

I am lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie, and I know all about denied lemon law cases. I have many years of experience, trust, and success with rejected lemon law claims, denied warranty claims, denied lemon law claims, and more. I have good news for you!

In denied lemon law cases, if the automobile manufacturer willfully denied or rejected a valid lemon law claim, the court might require the manufacturer to pay not only the lemon law buyback, but also additional civil penalties and costs as well that can potentially double or triple the settlement you get.

How Denied Lemon Law Cases Work

In denied lemon law cases, the court may require the automobile manufacturer TO PAY:

  1. Pay you the lemon law buyback compensation, AND
  2. Pay you civil penalties (that can double or triple your settlement), AND
  3. Pay your legal costs and expenses, INCLUDING
  4. Paying your attorney’s fees.

Many denied lemon law cases result in very high settlements. Sometimes as high as double or triple the original buyback amount.

In this post I will explain what you need to know about denied warranty claim or buyback claims.

Denied Lemon Law Attorney Jimmy Hanaie

I know how difficult and tough it can be to be in the situation you are in to be denied a buyback from the manufacturer.

While meanwhile you feel like you have a valid lemon law case, but might have doubts and uncertainties.

Not having a properly working vehicle can truly frustrate our lives, get in the way of commuting to work, and getting to where we need to go.

Why was your lemon law case denied?

Of course, it is important to know the reason why you were denied?

That’s where an experienced attorney may be able to help you.

Our lemon law attorneys help you without charging any upfront fees and only get paid when and if you win.

You might have a case against Ford, GM, or other automobile manufacturer and not know what to do next or if you even have a lemon law case at all.

Thankfully, we offer a completely free consultation and free case evaluation for denied lemon law cases.

So if your warranty claim was denied or the automobile manufacturer such as GM or Ford denied buyback for some reason, this information is for you.

How Do Denied Lemon Law Cases Work?

Sometimes, automobile dealerships and manufactures fail to comply with the lemon law.

They are technically required to repair or replace a vehicle that is under warranty after they are given a reasonable number of attempts to fix or remedy the vehicle problem.

The problem with the car usually has to be something significant that affects the use, safety, or value of the vehicle in a pretty significant way.

However, if the problem was important enough, the automobile manufacturer should not have denied that the vehicle has problems or ignored you or failed to repair or replace the vehicle.

If they failed to reasonably repair or replace the vehicle, you may have a lemon law case.

Even if your vehicle was fixed, but it took a long time for them to fix the vehicle or it has been in their repair shop multiple times, chances are you probably have a lemon law case.

Denied lemon law cases

Now, you are probably on this page, because you already contacted the automobile manufacturer to ask for a buyback and they denied to buyback your vehicle.

On the other hand, maybe you already hired an attorney to help you, and the attorney may have failed to secure a settlement on your behalf and was denied lemon law compensation by the manufacturer.

Either way, there is some pros and cons when your lemon law case is denied by the automobile manufacturers.

In fact, you might be entitled to even more compensation just because they wrongfully denied your lemon law claim.

Option After Denied Lemon Law

Just because the manufacturer decided to deny your lemon law claim, does not mean that you cannot fight back.

Many times, if your lemon law case was valid, you can still win compensation through a lemon law buyback.

However, because the manufacturer denied lemon law claim, you may be entitled to other compensation as well including “civil penalties,”

Civil Penalties When Denied Lemon Law

In addition to getting compensation for a lemon law buyback, you may also be entitled to the manufacturer paying you compensation through civil penalties.

Civil penalties amount can vary from case to case. Sometimes the civil penalty is equal to the amount of the lemon law buyback.

Other times, the civil penalty might be DOUBLE the amount of the denied lemon law buyback you were supposed to get.

That can basically double or triple you overall compensation in the case.

So if your original lemon law buyback was supposed to be $20,000, we might end up getting a total of $60,000.

Court costs and expenses when lemon law cases are denied

Pursuant to the law, the automobile manufacturer may also be required to pay for your court costs and expenses associated with your case.

The court system truly cares about you as a consumer and has strong laws to protect you.

That is why, if you can have a valid lemon law case, they do not want you to be afraid of bringing the claim forward.

By bringing that case to the court, you help create a better environment for other consumers and keep the economy moving forward better.

judge gavel and money on brown wooden table concept

Attorneys Fees in Denied Lemon Law Claim Cases.

As part of the manufacturer paying your legal costs and fees, they may also be required to pay your attorney’s fees.

Now, we do not charge you any money out of pocket either way.

Even if we lose, we do not charge out clients any money out of pocket.

However, it is awesome that we are able to get real justice by the court requiring the manufacturer to pay our attorney’s fees.

Lemon Law Conclusion

As a result, automobile manufacturers have a lot of incentives to settle lemon law cases at a reasonable amount.

Sometimes they may have denied your case because they did not know that you were being nice and that you would mean real business if they did not take your claim seriously.

Now, just because they have denied your valid lemon law claim, does not mean you do not have a case.

In fact, you may be entitled to DOUBLE or TRIPLE the regular lemon law buyback now just because they denied your lemon law claim.

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