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Tort Advance

Tort Advance

Tort advocate attorney Jimmy Hanaie explains the meaning of tort advance, and how it can be helpful for you and your case, medical bills, and more. Legal cases can take a long time, and sometimes you need some money right away. A tort advance may be able to help with that.

Generally, a tort advance is a way to get some compensation before your case settles. a lawyer or financial institution may be willing to pay you a tort advance of compensation to help with your costs in advance of your case settling or finishing.

Here is a tort advance benefits diagram table chart below.

Tort AdvanceNo Tort Advance
1. You may be able to get some money while you are waiting for your case to settle.1. You may be better off waiting for your case to settle before getting paid.
2. Depending on where you get the advance of cash from, you might be charged additional interest rate that are deducted from your settlement.2. You will not need to pay any interest rate charges. You will get the full settlement amount that you are supposed to get if you win.

Reasons For Tort Advance

There are a wide list of reasons why someone would want a tort advance. After all, we all need money in our lives and sometimes your expenses go up after a personal injury or other legal matter.

Some reasons you would want a tort advance may include:

  1. Help with medical expenses
  2. To pay the rent
  3. You may have lost your job
  4. Don’t want to wait for the case to settle.
  5. And more.
Tort Advance

Need A Tort Advance?

We recommend thinking very carefully about whether or not you want to get an advance before your legal case finishes.

You might want to discuss the idea with your spouse, significant other, partner, family, or a close friend or relative.

Its also recommended that you speak with your accountant before making any financial decisions.

However, its okay to take the time to speak with the attorney about whether you have a strong case that would warrant a tort advance and if they can provide you with one or connect you with a financial institution that can.

Free Consultation For Tort Advance

When learning information about a legal case, possible compensation, or other issue, its always recommended to speak with an attorney immediately.

There are statute of limitations deadlines to be wary of, civil litigation timelines, and more to be watchful for.

An experienced, trusted, and caring attorney may help you have the insight and guidance you want on your case and in obtaining representation.

Call us today and speak with attorney Jimmy Hanaie. One call can be the first step on your road to financial recovery.

Tort Advance And More.

By the way, there is absolutely no obligation. We just want you to know we are here for you. In fact, we are generally available around the clock 24/7 even on nights and weekends to discuss your potential legal matter with you.

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