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Lemon Law Dating

Lemon Law Dating

Lemon Law Dating

The lemon law is for defective automobiles, so why do people talk about lemon law dating for?! In this article we will discuss the concept of lemon law dating.

Generally, lemon law dating means ending a date when the date becomes defective as a metaphor of the lemon law. The lemon law dating concept was created by Barney Stinson in the popular tv show How I Met Your Mother.

Lemon law dating was famously seen on the famous show involving Barney Stinson character on the popular hit show How I Met Your Mother on Season 1 episode called “The Duel.” The quirky female character Robin thought you need 5 minutes to evaluate a date. However, while she was on a dating that was going sour, comedic character Barney called her and told her to use the Lemon Law dating technique to bail out on the defective date.

“I watched the show a lot while I was studying in law school so as a lemon law attorney I thought I would be well equipped to write this post for you!” Lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie, esq.

Similarities between lemon law for automobiles and lemon law dating:

Lemon Law Dating
  1. Both vehicles and dating can be very expensive and costly. From daily costs and monthly costs and expenditures involved with ordinary date and car ownership or leasing.
  2. In both dating and vehicle ownership, you really do not know what you are getting involved with. There can be baggage and issues of all kinds in both automobiles and dating like lemon law.
  3. In both dating and having a car lease, you can potentially leave or get out of the situation similar to a lemon law situation. You can return your date home and leave the situation. People even wait till after marriage and still decide to return through a divorce or legal separation.
  4. Both vehicles and dating can potentially be dangerous. With high amounts of domestic violence and car accidents all around the country.
  5. Similarly between both vehicles and dating, cars and people can potentially have damaging records, vehicle records, criminal records, restraining orders, vehicle contracts, divorce contracts, annulment and much more.
lemon law dating

However, there are some very important differences between the automobile problems and lemon law dating.

One of the biggest advantages of a vehicle lemon law case is that the manufacturer chooses to buyback the defective vehicle and pay the consumer reimbursement compensation. In the dating context, you probably will not get paid back what you paid for the dinner or movie on the date.

But, sometimes if you bought your significant other an expensive jewelry piece or something of value, they customarily might choose to return it to you.

I really enjoyed watching the show! I love the Barney Stinson character and Robin. Its really a great show.

Watching How I Met Your Mother in law school helped me stay optimistic and in a good mood even when I was pulling all nighters or catching up on work reading so many cases and legal opinions and more.

If you are reading this you are probably watching the show and I do not want to give you any secrets and do no reveal more than necessary.

I would like to know your opinion about lemon law dating. Do you think it is justified? Have you felt the need to cancel your date or exit the situation as soon as possible? Leave your input and view and explanation and definition or discuss the meaning of lemon law dating concept from the show in the comment section below.

Our law firm is in no way connected to the show or any of its characters. Just wanted to give my opinion on lemon law dating as it was discussed on the show, because a lot of people are interested in the topic. On our page we have lots of funny lemon car meme photos, helpful legal articles, articles discussing the lemon law legal industry and more.

We turn lemons into lemonade! Sometimes even if your date is not going that well, or if your marriage is going sour, it still might turn out to be sweet at the end like a sweet cold glass of lemonade.

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