30 Day Lemon Law

30 Day Lemon Law

30 day lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie explains 30 day lemon law and how it works. It is very good to know about your consumer rights and the lemon law. So, it is highly recommended that you learn about your legal rights and how you may be entitled to financial compensation.

The 30 day lemon law dictates that if the dealership repair shop has been working on repairing your vehicle under warranty for 30 days or more, your vehicle is likely to qualify as a lemon law car. Winning a lemon law case may entitle you to lemon law buyback financial compensation.

There are many reasons why a dealership might be repairing your vehicle for too long. For example, they might not have the necessary parts available, and need to request parts from a different dealership branch or from the manufacturer. In other situations, it might be taking a long time because they do not know what is causing the problem.

Lemon Law 30 Days Out Of Service

If your vehicle has been 30 days out of service it is a very strong indication that your car is a lemon in most situations. As a lawyer, I love these types of cases because there is very little reason why a dealership should have your car in their repair shop for a month or more.

Important steps to take include obtaining all relevant documents and keeping them organized, speaking with an attorney immediately for a free consultation, and acting quickly in order to prevent the statute of limitations from expiring.

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