CA Lemon Law 30 Days

CA Lemon Law 30 Days

CA lemon law 30 days rule attorney Jimmy explains CA lemon law 30 days provision of the California lemon law. Since 2013, attorney Jimmy Hanaie has fought for individuals to help them obtain compensation. Here, we will explain important things to know about the 30 days car warranty law.

Under the CA lemon law 30 days rule, if your car has been out of service for 30 days or more by the dealership, you may be entitled to lemon law buyback compensation. Manufacturers have a duty to repair or replace defective vehicles under warranty within a reasonable number of days.

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30 Days

Your car being out of service for 30 days is not the only way to have a lemon law car. In other situations where your vehicle has had repairs done on multiple days instead of consecutively can also qualify under the lemon law. For example, if you took your car to the repair shop two or three times for defect repairs, you might qualify for the lemon law as well.

However, it is usually a pretty strong indication when your car has been in the repair shop for 30 days. That is a super long time and it is rather simple most of the time to show that one twelfth of the year in the repair shop is not a reasonable period of time.

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