How Does The 30 Day Lemon Law Work

How Does The 30 Day Lemon Law Work

How does the 30 day lemon law work? We know how does the 30 day lemon law work and the legal options and protections for consumers. If your vehicle has been in the repair shop for a long time, you would benefit from knowing about the the 30 day car warranty law.

Under the 30 day lemon law, if a consumer’s vehicle has been at the dealership repair shop under warranty for 30 days or more, it strongly indicates that the vehicle is a lemon and the consumer may be entitled to compensation. This is a strong consumer rights law.

If your car has been in the repair shop for an ongoing extended length of time like a 30 day period or more, we want to speak with you. There are many reasons why a dealership might have had your car for so long. For example, they might not be prepared with the correct parts or they might have the knowledge to know how to properly diagnose the car issues.

30 Day Lemon Law

30 days is a very long time for your new car to be in the repair shop. Whether it is a leased car or purchased car, there are very important legal rights in play when a dealership has had a vehicle for so long under warranty.

Attorney Jimmy is dedicated and committed to helping individuals with consumer rights, personal injury, and other legal matters. There are important steps in this type of case, like collecting all the documents for the dealership including your vehicle contract or lease agreement, repair invoices, work orders, and more.

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