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My Lawyer Missed The Statute of Limitations

My Lawyer Missed The Statute of Limitations

There are important things to be aware of if your lawyer missed the statute of limitations deadline. When a lawyer misses the statute of limitations of a client, there are good things to know. However, even though your attorney may have messed up your case, there are important things to consider before making a claim for legal malpractice.

While a lawyer missed the statute of limitations of a client, that client may forever lose their legal right to bring that lawsuit to court any longer. Generally, the client loses their case and is no longer permitted to bring the case to court unless there is some sort of exception. However, the client may be able to sue the lawyer for legal malpractice.

Before you call a legal malpractice attorney for a free evaluation of your legal matter, we recommend that you know more about this topic. Statute of limitations deadlines of lawsuits can be tricky and confusing and hard to find online, but in this article we will simplify it for your further.

Since it is very negligent for an attorney to forget or miss or fail to properly file the lawsuit to preserve the statute of limitations deadline, the attorney may many times find himself in a tough legal position. Here, we will be explaining information about the requirement of filing lawsuits properly before the statute of limitations deadline expires. Here we go!

Has My Lawyer Missed The Statute of Limitations?

Knowing The Dates Of Your Case.

My Lawyer Missed The Statute of Limitations

When you are determining if your lawyer failed to file your lawsuit on time, we normally first look at when the incident in questions took place. We need to know the date when the car accident, wrongful death, wrongful termination, or other legal matter happened.

Once we find out when the incident exactly happened and the date of the incident, based on your location there are specific limitation deadlines that apply to different types of cases. Each type of case generally has a different type of deadline such as civil lawsuits, labor law claims, government torts, etc.

If you have any emails, text messages, or other communication between your attorney and you about the situation, we may start by reviewing it for you. Those documents can usually be brought over to our office, sent to us by text messaging, or sent by fax or email for our lawyers to review for free.

Once we have spoken to you in depth and reviewed any relevant documents that you have provided us with, we will have a much better understanding of your case. We will then speak to you and let you know how strong your claim is likely going to be and speak to you about your expectations and goals for compensation.

For example, most insurance policies have limits or caps and depending on the type of underlying claim you had, there will probably be a different level of compensation that you could possibly be entitled to in most instances from the insurance company. However, sometimes, you may be able to get more or nothing at all. It just depends.

It can be very daunting to find out that your lawyer may have missed the statute of limitations and ruined or messed up your case, thankfully we are here to speak with you and provide a free consultation (800) 400-5050.

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