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Lawyer Missed Filing Deadline

Lawyer Missed Filing Deadline

You are probably here because your lawyer missed filing deadline. If your lawyer missed your deadline for filing a lawsuit in court, you may be able to get money.

When a lawyer missed filing deadline, the lawyer may be subject to a legal malpractice. Missing a filing deadline leads to the client being unable to pursue their original legal claim, because they missed the deadline to file the lawsuit.

You should start by really examining the facts and documents of your legal claim. With the help of another attorney, you may request for your negligent attorney to provide you with a copy of your case file and records.

These records typically have the date the incident happened, documents regarding any lawsuit documents that were submitted or rejected, and other papers involving your case. They may include documents about your attorney missing the statute of limitations deadline as well.

Tips For Lawyer Missed Filing Deadline

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Missing a filing deadline of a lawsuit is a very bad thing. When someone misses their deadline to file the lawsuit, it can prevent them from ever making a legal claim for that incident.

Speaking to an experienced legal malpractice attorney is really your best option when you have reason to believe that your previous attorney failed to comply with the statute of limitations filing deadline.

Although it may be impossible for you to bring a lawsuit for your original legal matter, now the next step for you may be to make a legal malpractice claim against the attorney.

Most legal malpractice attorneys want to know the facts of your underlying claim and what your actual damages were. The more severe and serious your actual injury or damages are, the more likely that you will have a bigger more worthwhile and profitable legal malpractice claim.

Legal malpractice and medical malpractice claims can sometimes be expensive to pursue, but if your case makes sense to our law firm, we may be able to work on your case on a contingency basis. A contingency basis means that we will charge you no fee unless we win. We want to know that you have a strong case and that you are entitled to a large compensation settlement.

For example, if you developed major injuries from a commercial vehicle accident and your attorney missed your deadline to file, chances are that you will have a strong legal malpractice case.

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