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My Lawyer Is Not Fighting For Me

My Lawyer Is Not Fighting For Me

My lawyer is not fighting for me is a common feeling. Your attorney might not be fighting for you aggressively enough. For example, in a custody, divorce, criminal, or civil case, your lawyer might not be fighting properly. It might be a sign of incompetence or even a conflict of interest in your client attorney relationship.

If you believe that my lawyer is not fighting for me, it may be due to the lawyer’s style and mannerisms. Different attorneys conduct themselves in unique styles. Some lawyers are more aggressive while other attorneys might be more strategic. Fighting is not necessarily the best way to get good results in a legal case. Sometimes, cooperation, understanding, mutual respect, and relationship building is the winning strategy.

There are many issues that can arise that may make you feel like the lawyer does not have a good level of experience, is not on your side, or isn’t fighting for you. For example, a custody lawyer might truly believe that his client is a bad parent and it might be impacting his aggressive work on the case. However, if you are being represented by an attorney, that attorney is required to zealously represent you and fight for your best interests.

Let Attorney Jimmy Hanaie Fight For You!

Hello, I am lawyer Jimmy Hanaie from the law firm. I truly believe it is important to make sure that you have a strong client relationship with the law firm you are with. There are certain rules of professional conduct that lawyers must follow in their legal practice. Whether it is custody case, family law divorce, criminal case, or other type of civil or criminal lawsuit, there are always legal boundaries.

It is important to take proper steps when a lawyer fails to fight for you, answer your phone calls, and that generally does not care about your well being. There are many parts of a case including attorney client relationship communication problems, issues with jury trial and selection at court, or other parts of a matter that might lead to a state bar complaint if handled poorly.

Your Expectations Of Your Lawyer Fighting For You

When you hire and have obtained a legal advocate to represent you, there are a number of expectations in making your decision and reasons why you choose to stay with that attorney. However, a large variety of disputes and conflicts can arise if they fail to provide the level of assistance you expect. For example, if they take a weak stance and do not fight hard enough for your legal action or lawsuits, that can become a big problem.

The lawyer should know and understand what you care about, your goals, and what it is you are aggressively fighting to achieve. It is important to clearly discuss and outline this information with the lawyer and law firm staff as soon as possible. Preferably, in writing.

I believe it is worth every penny to attend a strategy session meeting with the law firm. The legal world is like a game of chess, and strategy can make all the difference between winning and losing.

We Are Lawyers That Can Fight To Win

If you are looking for someone to fight for your rights, we are on your side for a free consultation. Inform us about the status of your case, the behavior of your attorney, and what you believe is lacking in the job being done.

Your lawyers are supposed to be there to help you, but maybe they are not doing the best job at helping you succeed. Let us know about your case objective, why you think your lawyer is mishandling your case, or hundreds of other topics.

We encourage you to call to discuss the facts, the scenarios, and how you are feeling.

Problems When Your Lawyer Is Not Fighting For You

If you believe that your lawyer is not putting in his best energy, is not passionate enough about your case, or is not fighting to protect your legal rights, call us.

Many folks see signs all over the place that the attorney may be overstepping his power, not being aggressive, or making changes that are now leading to complaints. You may now be asking your attorney for answers regarding his or her obligation to you, but are getting nothing in the area of honesty.

This can be due to your lawyer’s lazy manner or a faulty process that has led to bad representation that is not done right or being performed poorly.

Get A Free Consultation If Your Lawyer Is Not Fighting For You

Your lawyer should not say a phrase that is not true or is a lie. It is important for you to state a clear explanation of the facts in front of the judge, jury, or anyone else like the court reporter. I think that having good legal counsel on your side helps you find peace instead of fire.

As a general rule, if your legal counsel does not follow the order of the judge or has resorted to taking actions with others that is bad news for your case, these are things we discuss in our posts and newsletter and during free consultations with you over the phone.

From the beginning of a case in the legal field, there is an important option of picking the right law firm. Things like the rating, past results and success, and also viewing the law firm partner, can have a big effect on every motion of the case. You should also check to see if there are any complaints regarding that attorney with the state bar association or someone suing a lawyer in a malpractice suit.

Free Consultation. We Can Fight

Legal claims brought in front of judges are no joke, because the legal forum is a product of our justice system and deserves maximum respect. I truly believe that no amount of tips or messages on the rest of the internet can replace the part of having powerful representation that respects the law. For example, what is said is so important in meetings in front of a mediator or the competitors.

We understand how tough it is to be a victim of a tough situation. You expect powerful and aggressive legal representation that fights for you. There are so many examples and thoughts that we can discuss in the comment section below. You can create a profile and leave ones to be reviewed by readers and peers. Do not disclose any private party information.

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