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Facial Injury Settlement

Facial Injury Settlement

After a facial injury, you may be wondering how long it takes for a facial injury heal settlement and to get compensation. We want to provide you with some helpful information about facial injuries and the legal help we provide.

Generally, facial injury settlements are based on the severity of the injuries and level of liability. There are facial injury settlements, for facial fracture, nasal injuries, forehead injuries, jaw injuries, and other facial injuries.

Facial injuries include many different levels of fractures and facial injuries. For example, facial disfigurement, facial deformities, and more.

We are lawyers. We are not doctors. We can help connect you with doctors that can examine your injuries and provide you with additional information. Many of these doctors work at medical facilities that may be willing to work on a lien basis so you do not need to pay them out of pocket and only pay them after you win your legal settlement.

Facial Injury Settlement

Facial Injury Settlement

Different Parts of Face

Obviously, our faces have many parts that may be injured in for example a car accident or slip and fall incident or dog bite, etc.

Several different types of facial injuries include:

Nasal or noseCheekbone (Zygomatic)
Orbital or eyeForehead (Frontal)
Jaw (Maxillary or mandibular)And possibly even more.

We are not doctors and cannot tell you any details about specific timelines and time frames that you may expect. However, we may be able to connect you with doctors that can treat you on a lien basis and provide you with additional information about your facial fracture injury and its possible healing time.

For legal help, contact us today for a completely free consultation and free case evaluation. Learn more about facial injury settlement lawyers. We look forward to speaking to you (800) 400-5050.

Facial Injury Settlement

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