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My Car Was Not Repaired Properly

My Car Was Not Repaired Properly

My car was not repaired properly is a common problem. If my car was repaired properly, I would want to know my legal rights and legal options. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is known for fighting for consumer rights when they have been having car trouble with car dealerships and manufacturers.

In general, if my car was not repaired properly under warranty, the car manufacturer may be required to pay lemon law buyback compensation if the car was having problems under warranty and the dealership repair shop failed to repair or replace the vehicle within a reasonable period of time.

It can be very frustrating when your car is repaired improperly or wrong. At this point, your vehicle might have been in the repair shop for a long time or might have to go back for more repairs. The dealership might have provided you with a rental car, but it is still not your own car so it is annoying to say the least.

Not Repaired Properly

When your car keeps having problems, you realize that it may be the case that your car was not repaired properly. Now, it depends whether your car was repaired by a mechanic or by your dealership repair shop.

Cars under warranty like leased cars and new cars under warranty have unique legal rights for the consumers. This is because the dealership generally must repair or replace the vehicle when the car is under warranty and having problems covered by the warranty. For example, engine problems, mechanical problems, acceleration issues, and more.

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