Who Pays For Repairs On A Leased Vehicle

Who Pays For Repairs On A Leased Vehicle

Who pays for repairs on a leased vehicle is very important. Knowing who pays for repairs on a leased vehicle, requires considering some very important and crucial information. Leased vehicle repairs can be very expensive so it makes sense to want to know if you are going to be responsible to pay for repairs.

Generally, who pays for repairs on a leased vehicle depends on the terms of the warranty contract of the vehicle, the validity of that vehicle warranty, how the problems occurred, whether there are modifications on the vehicle, and other important considerations.

Leased vehicles generally come with vehicle warranties that cover many of the repairs for the vehicle. In fact, very often, if the manufacturer dealership fails to repair car defects or replace the leased car within a reasonable number of time, it may be responsible to pay the consumer a compensation settlement. This is called “lemon law.”

Who Pays For Repairs

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