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Leased Car Engine Blown

Leased Car Engine Blown

Leased car engine blown lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, esq. A leased car engine blown can indicate that the car is a lemon law car and you may be owed money compensation. However, there are important steps and requirements to meet before our law firm can represent you in a lemon law case to get you compensated.

Generally, leased car engine blown is repaired by the automobile manufacturer dealership repair shop if you have a valid warranty for the leased car and the repairs are covered by the warranty. Additionally, the car might be a lemon law car and you might be entitled to compensation.

If your dealership has been giving you any trouble or been giving you the run around about your blown engine, contact us and speak to a lawyer during a free consultation about your leased car. We want to hear exactly what the dealership told you and when the engine problems happened.

Engine Blown

Leased cars generally come with a vehicle warranty from the automobile manufacturer such as Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, or other automobile manufacturer. However, these warranties have time periods, mileage limits, and can be voided in other ways.

It is important to find out if your warranty is still valid or not. We cannot simply go by what the dealership tells you either, because they might be unfair to you. However, it is a good start to look at the repair invoices from the dealership and see what they say.

You may have a lemon law case if the car has been having problems under warranty. For example, if your leased car has a blown engine that may mean the car is a lemon and entitle you to compensation and it increases your chances by a lot if the repair shop took a long time to repair the vehicle.

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