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Lease Car Keeps Breaking Down

Lease Car Keeps Breaking Down

Lease car keeps breaking down? Attorney Jimmy when lease car keeps breaking down, you may be entitled to compensation. Through the lemon law, you might have a strong legal case for compensation if your lease car breaks down.

Generally, if lease car keeps breaking down, the car might qualify as a lemon under the lemon law. The person leasing or purchasing the car may qualify under the lemon law and be entitled to a lemon law buyback and get a compensation reimbursement from the automobile manufacturer.

Our lemon law service is free, we only get paid when our client wins. If your leased car is having problems or breaking down you may be entitled to reimbursement of your downpayment, monthly payments, and more. This money can add up very fast. However, there are some important requirements to know about.

Lease Car

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie represents individuals with lease car or purchased cars that are defective, having engine problems, mechanical problems, or other issues. Consumers have expectations and auotmobile manufacturers have certain duties and obligations.

If the manufacturer dealership is unable to properly repair or replace the vehicle within a reasonable number of repair appointment visits or consecutive days out of service, than the vehicle may be deemed a lemon in many situations.

This may entitle you to a lot of compensation if your lease car is breaking down or having other problems. Consult with our law firm for a free consultation and free lemon law case evaluation. Call (800) 400-5050.

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