Lease Car Engine Problems

Lease Car Engine Problems

Lease car engine problems? Attorney Jimmy Hanaie handles lease car engine problems cases. If your leased car is having problems, you might qualify for compensation by using the lemon law. However, there are important factors that go into the lemon law determination.

Generally, lease car engine problems may qualify the lease car as a lemon law vehicle in many cases. The lease car needs to have significant problems while under warranty and the manufacturer or dealership must have failed to repurchase or replace the vehicle within a reasonable number of visits or days.

Determining if your lease car problems with engine, transmission, mechanical problems, or other issues qualify for lemon law is an important educated guess to make. We review the repair invoices, vehicle document, and other records to see how bad the problems were with the vehicle. We also want to know what repairs the dealership worked on your vehicle.

Lease Car

Lease cars are not the only cars that can qualify for the lemon law. Purchased cars can qualify under the lemon law too under many circumstances. There is a lot of importance placed on the vehicle warranty.

We want to know if your repairs were done while your car was under warranty, how many repairs you have had, and anything that was said to you by the dealership or manufacturer. By reviewing all of these documents and facts it helps us shine light on your situation to learn more about it.

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