Defective Leased Car

Defective Leased Car

Defective leased car lawyer Jimmy Hanaie explains defective leased car laws and important information relevant to your situation. In fact, you may be entitled to money compensation if your leased car has begun to have defects, issues, concerns, or problems.

Generally, defective leased cars may qualify under the lemon law. If the vehicle is deemed to be a defective lemon, the manufacturer may be required to repurchase the vehicle and pay the consumer compensation through a lemon law buyback. Compensation can include refund of downpayment and monthly payments and more.

Generally, if your car is under warranty, your dealership must repair or replace your defective leased car within a reasonable number of visits or days. If the dealership fails to repurchase or replace the car, the consumer might have a claim for lemon law compensation.

Leased Car

Defective leased cars and defective purchased vehicles can both potentially qualify under the lemon law. The lemon law is a consumer rights protection law based on the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act federally and the Song Beverly Warranty Act in the state of California.

We want to review your lease contract agreement and any repair invoices provided to you by the dealership regarding your defective lease. Whether it is a Ford, Nissan, GM, Land Rover, BMW. Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Audi, Acura, or other car these defects can potentially qualify under the lemon law.

The best thing to do is to first speak with a licensed and experienced attorney. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie encourages you to call us. We want to speak with you and go over all your vehicle records together. Call (800) 400-5050