Cash Settlement Lemon Law

Successful Lemon Law Cases In California

Cash settlement lemon law “cash and keep” settlement attorney Jimmy Hanaie explains. In lemon law, there are what are referred to as “cash settlement” and “lemon law buyback.” However, even though the name is “Cash,” it is still in the form of a check.

In lemon law, a so called “Cash Settlement” lemon law result can occur if a “Cash and Keep” offer is agreed upon. This type of settlement occurs when the consumer keeps to the terms of the contract, but gets some reimbursement compensation.

In such settlements, the consumer generally does not return the vehicle right away. Rather, the in a cash and keep settlement, the consumer typically keeps the vehicle for the same period of time as he or she would under their lease agreement or purchase contract. In addition, the consumer is usually required to still continue making any necessary payments of their lease or purchase.

Cash Settlement Lemon Law Attorney Jimmy Hanaie

We truly love what we do. A great part of that is because of the founder attorney Jimmy Hanaie. Since graduating from UC Hastings law school and becoming an attorney in 2013, he was always passionate and dedicated and committed to helping individuals and consumers. Ordinary people that are being taken advantage of by automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, or otherwise.

Sometimes it is beneficial to get a lemon law buyback and completely return the vehicle. Especially if the vehicle is defective and having serious issues that can impact your safety. However, if the problems of your vehicle are not serious, a cash and keep settlement can be a wonderful choice in some cases.

A lot of time people are not willing to give up their car. They might have sentimental value for the vehicle or may be afraid that they will not be able to afford to get another car. A so called cash settlement can be a great deal for these types of situations.

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