Successful Lemon Law Cases In California

Successful Lemon Law Cases In California

Successful lemon law cases in California are very interesting to know about. You should know how successful lemon law cases in California work. There are some very important aspects as well that have a large impact on lemon law cases that end up being successful and winning.

Successful lemon law cases in California generally include vehicles that were purchased or leased in California, have had problems that effect the use or value or safety of the vehicle, and the certified dealership had a reasonable number of opportunities to repair or replace the vehicle.

When you are successful in a lemon law case, you generally get paid a lot of compensation in the form of a reimbursement refund that is called a lemon law buyback. This is when the manufacturer buys back the vehicle, and pays the consumer a refund of downpayment and or monthly payments.

Successful Lemon Law Attorney

I am very grateful that I have had a lot of success along the way as an attorney. Some cases are more simple to win than others, but there also some factors that generally stay the same in good legal representation.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has had a long career filled with success and obtaining outstanding results for many individuals and families. It always begins by discussing your case and reviewing any potential documents or vehicle records that you have.

For example, if you have a vehicle contract and repair invoices and worker orders, we can review all of these documents of yours absolutely free during our free evaluation. Did I mention there is no fee unless we win?

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