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Winning A Lemon Law Case

Winning A Lemon Law Case

Winning a lemon law case has important steps. The process of winning a lemon law case is explained by Attorney Jimmy Hanaie in this article. You may have been considered making a lemon law claim, but are not sure what your chances of winning are approximately.

Winning a lemon law case generally requires that your vehicle is under warranty while having problems, the manufacturer dealership has a reasonable number of repair attempts or to replace your vehicle, and the location you got your car from, among other factors. Winning may entitle you to a lemon law buyback or other compensation.

There are multiple ways to qualify for the lemon law. Sometimes one repair visit can be enough if the repair takes 30 days or longer. In other situations, where the repair does not take as long, you may need 2 or 3 or 4 repairs before you can qualify.

Lemon Law Case

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie writes extensively on the topic of the lemon law and consumer rights. One specific topic discussed within lemon law that everyone wants to know about is how to win. They may have already hired an attorney or they may be early on in the process of figuring it out.

Either way, even if you’ve been denied or rejected, you still might have a strong lemon law case. However, winning a lemon law case can be a lot easier when you have a powerful attorney helping you.

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