Will My Warranty Cover Transmission?

will my warranty cover transmission

Will my warranty cover transmission? Attorney Jimmy explains will my warranty cover transmission and your legal options. Accordingly, learn more about your legal rights regarding transmission and how your warranty might provide you with protection and coverage.

Generally, warranties will cover transmission if that is covered under the written terms of the warranty. Usually, when a car has original warranty, the dealership typically handles issues regarding the engine. Additionally, if your car is having engine problems you might have a lemon law case and be entitled to compensation.

Under the lemon law, if your car is having engine problems while under warranty or extended warranty, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer in some circumstances. It generally requires that dealership have had a reasonable number of days or repair visits to work on repairing or replacing the vehicle.

Will My Warranty Cover

It is also a good idea to get a free consultation with an attorney. An attorney can review your car warranty and its terms to discover if your engine should be covered under warranty.

It may be the case that the dealership is asking you to pay for repair work that they did on repairing your transmission. However, it may be that you are not supposed to be paying based on the terms of your warranty.

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