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Why Is My Personal Injury Lawsuit Taking So Long?

Why Is My Personal Injury Lawsuit Taking So Long

Thank you for asking why is my personal injury lawsuit taking so long? Personal injury lawsuits can take a long time sometimes. However, it is important to know why your specific personal injury claim may be dragging on or taking so much time to settle.

A personal injury lawsuit timeline for how long it takes to settle depends greatly on the strength of your case and the level of your injuries. Your injury lawsuit can be taking a long time, because you are still getting medical treatment or maybe because your lawyer is trying to prove your case. You should get a free second opinion.

It may be confusing or frustrating waiting for your personal injury claim to be resolved and settle, so that you can get paid compensation and be done with the case. Unfortunately, depending on your lawyer, the law firm may be taking actions that are causing your case to be delayed or falling behind.

Our law firm provides a completely free second opinion consultation even if you currently have another lawyer representing you. Lets face it, not every lawyer is truly a personal injury lawyer, and many of them to not have the time to give your case the attention that it really needs and deserves.

Reasons Why My Personal Injury Lawsuit Is Taking So Long

Experience of Lawyers

Attorneys have different backgrounds and focus areas. Some attorneys focus on personal injury cases while others might focus primarily on criminal law or family law. Those attorneys might not know how to handle the case and it might take them more to try to help you.

Even if your attorney handles primarily personal injury cases, they might not handle the cases the way they should or might not provide the level of attention and speed and quick customer service you expect in this day and age.

Some attorney prioritizes some of their cases on top of others, and might end up delaying or holding off more on other cases which can be detrimental to those other clients.

For example, if your attorney is taking too long to request your medical records or the police report or to contact the insurance adjusters and settle your case, it may be signaling that they are not fully focused on your case and handling it as efficiently and fast as they could.

Free Second Opinion

Thankfully, we offer a completely free consultation and case evaluation. Even if your case is being handled by a different law firm, you can always speak to us and pick our brain about how we may be able to speed up the process for you or handle your case with more tenacity.

Get a free consultation and call us today (800) 400-5050.

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