Who Regulates Car Dealerships in California

Who Regulates Car Dealerships in California

Who regulates car dealerships in California? Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has experience with who regulates car dealerships or manufacturers. Especially when they are not following car dealerships laws such as consumer rights, lemon law, breach of contract, and more. You are probably here because the dealership has been giving you a hard time or the run around. However, there are some very important things I want to tell you from my many years of experience as an attorney.

Who regulates car dealerships in California depends on the type of legal case that you have. There are many different types of departments and attorneys who file lawsuits and litigate against car dealerships and automobile manufacturers. Consumers win a lot of compensation in cases against them in many situations.

By taking the next step and discussing the merits and facts of your potential legal matter against the car dealership, you can find out how the legal regulations can help you. There may be a large potential legal settlement against the dealership or car manufacturer available to you.

Who Regulates Car Dealerships In California

California attorney Jimmy Hanaie attended UCLA undergrad and then attended prestigious UC Hastings College Of Law. Fighting for consumers has always been a passion and field of dedication for the attorney.

We have helped many people win very large settlements against automobile manufacturers. So, if you might have a car dealership lawsuit case, contact us for a 100% free consultation today. We have experience dealing with situations where it may be important to know who regulates car dealerships.

Automotive dealerships and manufacturers should not get away when they treat your poorly and fail to repair or repair or fix your defective or problematic vehicles. There are so many different issues and concerns that can arise.

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