Who Pays Medical Bills In A Car Accident in California?

Who Pays Medical Bills In A Car Accident in California

You may be interested to ask who pays medical bills in a car accident in California? In California, when a car accident happens, the medical bills can add up fast, so who pays them? Also, it is important to know where the money comes from.

Usually who pays medical bills in a car accident in California is the client through the car accident settlement funds. However, the client’s attorney generally distributes these funds to the medical facilities and doctors. Generally, these doctors and medical facilities work on a lien basis and get paid when the case settles through the settlement.

Before you go out and get very expensive medical treatment, there are some very important things you should know about car accident medical bills. Although medical bills are usually paid through the settlement funds, if the case does not win or does not win enough money, the client may be left on the hook to pay the medical bills.

However, many times, chiropractors and other medical facilities are willing to negotiate the medical liens that they have on the case in order to make it feasible to pay them through the settlement. But, they are not really required to do this.

Even though the doctors are not required to reduce their costs, many doctors usually do reduce their costs “pro rata” (proportionally, to the size of the settlement) because they know that it increases the likelihood that their medical bills will be paid sooner.

In California, Who Pays Car Accident Medical Bills?

The Client Is Ultimately Responsible.

Usually, the client or injury victim is ultimately responsible for paying their medical bills. An experienced attorney will try to determine how much insurance coverage the defendant possibly has in order to help lower the amount of medical bills to what can be reasonably obtained.

In fact, clients have a duty to mitigate their damages and medical expenditures. So you should not get any medical services that you do not actually require.

Many times it will be to your advantage to use your Medi-Cal or Kaiser insurance doctors if it makes more financial sense for you. However, if you win your personal injury case many times these facilities and medical providers will still require you to pay their medical liens.

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