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When Does The Lemon Law Apply

When Does The Lemon Law Apply

A popular question is when does the lemon law apply. By learning when does the lemon law apply, you will have a better understanding of your legal rights. You might be able to possibly take advantage of the law and obtain a vehicle repurchase, buyback refund, and more.

Generally, when does the lemon law apply is a question that depends on several factors. First, the vehicle generally must have had problems while under warranty or extended-warranty. Second, the car problems must have typically involved the use or safety of the vehicle. Third, the car dealership must have had a reasonable opportunity to repair or replace the vehicle.

There are many benefits that are available in these cases when it applies. Consumers could be able to get financial compensation in many situations. A lot of times people could possibly get refund of “down-payment,” lease payments, car finance payments, and more. So if someone qualifies and wins this kind of case it could mean a big settlement.

Our law firm usually begins by reviewing the repair invoice documents from the car dealership. These documents provide a lot of helpful information that explain the problems with the car. They generally also write what steps the dealership has taken to fix the defects. However, even if the car dealership tried to fix the problems, you might still have a case. The inconvenience you went through might qualify for a case even if the problems were all fixed.

No Fee Unless We Win?

There are multiple scenarios that typically become a valid lemon law case. In some situations even one repair attempt can be enough if the repair took a very long time. For example, 30 days or longer. In other situations multiple repair attempts could possibly be required before a valid case. This can sometimes require two or three or more repair attempts. Each legal situation is different and you should always speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.

A great benefit of working with a law firm is that they provide a free consultation. So it is free to speak to a lawyer about your legal situation. Additionally, our office does not charge clients any money unless we win compensation. That is because our law firm gets paid through the settlement compensation provided by the automobile manufacturer.

It is dangerous to drive an unsafe vehicle. So even if you are not sure when does lemon law apply, you should always at least speak with a lawyer. Speaking with a lawyer costs you nothing. Also, it is very affordable to hire a lawyer, because we do not charge you anything upfront. We only get paid after we win.

When Does The Lemon Law Apply

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie can help review your car documents and read them carefully. This will provide a lot of helpful information regarding the car problems, the dates of any repairs, whether the problems were fixed, and more. Even if you do not currently have these documents, it is possible for the lawyer to request these documents from the car dealership on your behalf.

When does the lemon law apply? You know a very important element of any case is the timeline. If you wait too long you can lose your rights because the “statute of limitations” timeline can expire. So if you want the law to apply to you, it is a very good idea to take action quickly.

Take the first step and contact us for a free consultation today. We can speak to you about everything you are going through. Even if your case was dropped, denied, or rejected, you might still have a possible legal claim. We want to speak to you and encourage you to contact us to speak with a lawyer today. Get a free consultation, day or night 7 days a week.

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