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What To Do When Your New Car Is A Lemon

What To Do When Your New Car Is A Lemon

Learn what steps to take and what to do when your new car is a lemon. Doing the right thing to know what to do when your new car is a lemon is very important. In this post we will list steps to do and actions to take when your vehicle is having problems.

Generally, what to do when your new car is a lemon include asking the dealership to repair the car, collecting the repair documents, speaking with a lawyer, and continuing to make your car payments. By taking these steps and doing what is necessary it might show that you have a strong potential for a lemon law case. You must generally first give the dealership reasonable opportunities to either replace or properly repair the car.

An important question in such cases is whether you have any warranty on the vehicle. For example, you might have regular warranty, extended warranty, or other type of legal protection. However, even if you did not have warranty, you should still always speak with a lawyer because there might be other options available. There may be a lot of compensation that you may be able to obtain.

What To Do When Your New Car Is A Lemon:

  • Ask dealership to repair the vehicle
  • Maintain the repair invoices and documents
  • Continue paying car payments and registration
  • Do speak with a lawyer fast
  • Don’t delay time. There are time limits

Steps To Take

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First, the most important thing is your safety and that of your family. You also do not want to injure any other drivers or other pedestrians on the road. So, it is always important to ask the dealership to repair the vehicle as soon as possible. If the vehicle is dangerous to drive, you can ask to schedule for the dealership to pick up the car with a tow truck. They might be able to do this for you for free.

The second step of what to do when your new car is a lemon law vehicle is to collect all car records. If the dealership looks and finds any problems with the vehicle they will generally write it in the report. Next, if the dealership conducts any repairs to the vehicle they will explain what they did within the reports as well. These documents will help a law firm understand what is going on with your potential legal claim.

Third, we recommend taking the time to at least get a free consultation with a lawyer. You can do this step during any time and in fact we think you should do it as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you should take action fast and call a lawyer. For example, you do not want to miss an important deadline or statute of limitation.

What To Do When Your New Car Is A Lemon

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When hiring an attorney you should always ask about their track record and other important information. You may want to ask how long the attorney has been practicing law. Also, you could ask what their experience has been with lemon law cases in the past. Additionally, you should ask about attorney fees and if they charge anything upfront. Our law firm prides ourselves in our many years of experience representing consumers.

If you want to know more about what to do when your new car is a lemon, call the law firm of attorney Jimmy Hanaie today. We are friendly and experienced and would be very happy to speak to you any day of the week. We are generally available even during nights and weekends for your completely free consultation. So that is something that you should certainly take advantage of.

Consider taking a moment out of your day to take the next step. By doing that and calling today, you can gain valuable information about the law and how it can potentially help you. You might be able to get a vehicle buyback, repurchase, compensation, and more. We truly love the lemon law and encourage you to call and speak to us about it today. There is no fee unless we win. So it is very affordable for you!

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