What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down? (9 Steps)

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down (9 Steps)

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down?

It is important to know what to do if your leased car breaks down. In this article we want to discuss 9 steps to take when a leased car has broken down. Unfortunately, leased car mechanical problems and engine problems are problems that happen too often with too many people.

Generally, what to do if your leased car breaks down is to contact the dealership and inform them to pick up the vehicle. Then the dealership should repair or replace your leased car. If the dealership fails or refuses, you may have a lemon law case.

1. Stay Safe

If your leased car has broken down, it is very important to stay safe. It is generally recommended that you stay buckled in and do not get out of your vehicle in a dangerous place. Contact the police and the car dealership as soon as possible if needed.

2. Stay Calm

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down

It really is very frustrating and scary when your leased car breaks down. Here you are with a brand new leased car or a car that is just a few years old and you expect it to work properly, but it ends up breaking down and potentially leaving you stranded on the freeway or by the side of the road. However, it is very important to stay calm and collected in this situation.

3. Contact The Dealership

Let your car dealership of your leased car know that your car broke down and the problems you had. They will generally either come pick up the car from you. Also, they might provide you with a rental car depending on the terms of your lease and warranty agreement.

4. Get Repair Documents

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down

If the car dealership or manufacturer has performed repairs on the vehicle to try to remedy the problem, make sure to keep all receipts and invoices of the work or repairs they performed on the vehicle. These work orders and repair invoices can be very helpful if you later decide to sue the dealership in a lemon law or consumer rights case.

5. Analyze Repair Costs

Usually, if your car is still covered under the warranty, the car dealership and manufacturer will be responsible for the cost of most repairs that you will typically needed when your car breaks down.

For example, in many situations the car dealership will change your defective engine without charging you any fees. However, even though this is typical, it is a determination made on a case by case basis.

6. Leased Car Warranty Law

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down

The actions of the manufacturer are very important. Also it is important that your problems occurred while your car was still under warranty or extended warranty. If your car warranty expired due to having too many miles or too much time passing and it expiring, then it is usually going to destroy your chances of having a lemon law case.

7. Consider Lemon Law

Under the lemon law, if your car under warranty is having significant issues that do affect the car’s use, safety, or value, the dealership and manufacturer have certain obligations.

If the dealership fails to properly repair or fully replace the leased car within a reasonable amount of repair visits or consecutive days out of service, you may be entitled to money compensation through the lemon law rules.

8. Speak With A Lawyer

What To Do If Your Leased Car Breaks Down

A defective leased car can unfortunately lead to automobile accidents and physical injuries, even wrongful death. So it is a matter that should never be taken lightly. Cars that are defective or break down can be very harmful to both us and society and other drivers on the road. You may be liable if anyone gets hurt.

9. Get Free Consultation 24/7

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie wants to discuss your legal claim with you. We would be truly delighted to hear about your leased car and how it has broken down. Regardless of what you are dealing with, call us for a 100% case evaluation. There is no fee unless we win. (800) 400-5050