What To Do If New Car Is Lemon

What To Do If New Car Is Lemon

What To Do If New Car Is Lemon

Knowing what to do if new car is lemon law is very important. In fact, if your new car is a lemon, you may be entitled to compensation. We will explain how you may be entitled to compensation through a cash and keep settlement or lemon law buyback claim.

Generally, what to do if new car is lemon law car is get car repairs with certified dealership, obtain and organize repair documents, get a free consultation with a lemon law attorney, consider hiring the attorney to represent you, and negotiate with the automobile manufacturer.

Car Repairs

Before making a lemon law claim for your new car, you generally need to have repairs performed on the car by the automobile manufacturer dealership. Many people find it frustrating that their car is having problems and that they now have to trust the dealership to repair those defects and problems.

Reasonable Opportunity

However, it is generally required to give the car dealership or manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the car or replace the new car within a reasonable number of repair visits. The exact number depends on many factors such as how significantly the car problem affects the safety, use, or value of the vehicle.

30 Days Out of Service

Sometimes, even one repair visit can be enough for a lemon law case if your repair took a long time. Generally, if your new car was 30 days out service due to being held by the dealership for repairs, that one long repair visit can sometimes be enough for a strong lemon law case.

Repair Documents

You should make sure to get all of your repair invoices and new car work orders from the dealership after they have performed repairs on your vehicle. These documents are extremely important in evaluating whether you have a lemon law case.

Also, the documents can be very important later on during a lemon law claim or lawsuit.

Free Consultation 24/7

Most lemon law attorneys, including our law firm, offer a completely free consultation for lemon law cases. During your free consultation, we review your repair invoices, work orders, vehicle agreement, and any other information you have regarding the new vehicle.

No Fee Unless We Win

Thankfully, it is very affordable to hire a lemon law attorney from our law firm. We charge no upfront fees. There’s is no fee unless we win. If we do not win, we simply do not get paid anything.