What To Do If My New Car Is A Lemon

What To Do If My New Car Is A Lemon

Find out what to do if my new car is a lemon. Knowing what to do if my new car is a lemon, can help prepare you for success. We list the best and important steps to remember for this type of legal situation.

Generally, what to do if my new car is a lemon includes some important steps. First, get the car repairs you need with the car dealership. Second, keep your car repair invoices organized. Third, immediately speak with a lawyer for a completely free consultation.

By taking the correct steps you put yourself in more safety. It can be dangerous if your car is having engine, transmission, or other mechanical problems. Defective cars can sometimes stop unexpectedly in the middle of the road, go in the wrong direction, and cause other potential accidents.

A good thing to remember is that it is free to speak with a lawyer from our law firm. Additionally, we only get paid after we win a legal case. We do not charge any costs until the case is finished. If our client does not win, the client is not responsible for our legal fees. However, it is important to continue making your car payments to keep your credit score strong.

No Fee Unless We Win?

You should also have an understanding of what your legal goals are. There are multiple possible outcomes and you should know about the differences. In the next few paragraphs we will explain a few of the most common options.

A big question in deciding what to do if my new car is a lemon, is to decide if you want to return the vehicle back. In some situations you may be able to return the vehicle and in other situations you might want to keep holding the car. This decision is impacted by how bad the car problems are and your own personal goals.

If you win a legal refund, you can usually get a refund of a large portion of the money you paid for the vehicle. This usually includes a big part of the “down-payment” and monthly car payments you paid to lease or purchase the car. We ask you to call us first and discuss your legal situation with us anytime 24/7.

What To Do If My New Car Is A Lemon

Another important procedure is to take immediate legal action. The reason for this is that waiting too long can cause important deadlines to be forgotten. In that situation, you can forfeit your legal rights in regards to your bad car.

Knowing what to do if my car is a lemon is not enough. You should also take steps to make sure you are properly prepared. The best thing to do is to speak with an experienced lawyer. Even if you are not sure if you have a legal case, speaking with a lawyer can help provide a lot of information to you.

We are available during the day and at night to speak to you. We are also available to speak to you on weekends. If you prefer, we can provide Spanish speaking translation to you as well as other languages. Call now for a fully free consultation and legal evaluation today.