What Happens If They Can’t Fix Car Under Warranty

What Happens If They Can't Fix Car Under Warranty

What happens if they can’t fix car under warranty? Important legal options of what happens if they can’t fix car under warranty are super good to know for anyone that has a vehicle even if it is not defective or having any issues. As a lawyer, I truly believe it is always good to know your legal rights.

What happens if they can’t fix car under warranty is that you might have a lemon law claim against the manufacturer and they may be required to buyback your vehicle and reimburse compensation to you. The manufacturer will generally buyback your vehicle, pay off the loan, and return compensation to you.

If your vehicle problems are less serious, you may want to choose to keep your car on the current terms of your agreement with the dealership. However, through a cash and keep settlement they might pay you compensation for car troubles you had and then you will keep making your payments as well.

If They Can’t Fix Car Under Warranty, What Happens?

Determining exactly what will happen is never that obvious because every case is different. Another thing that happens is that many people choose to hire an attorney to help them in their lemon law case to see if the manufacturer will be willing to change their legal position on the case.

Often, if the dealership cannot fix the car under warranty, they may offer to replace the vehicle with a similar vehicle. This can be complicated sometimes because they may not make a fair offer or MSRP prices may have changed and it might making trading vehicles difficult. However, this is generally something that is figured out and is a possibility.

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