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Tort And Civil Law

Tort And Civil Law

Tort and civil law attorney Jimmy Hanaie, esq provides a free consultation and free case evaluation for many kinds of tort and civil law cases.

Tort and civil law cases involve legal matters resulting from personal injury, labor law matters, and other civil legal matters where financial compensation may be involved. The opposite of tort and civil law is usually criminal law, that is usually not about financial compensation.

Tort And Civil LawCriminal Law
1. The result of the case is usually financial or compensation.2. The result of the case is usually something affect life and liberty or jail, etc. Not money.
Tort And Civil Law

Free Consultation for Tort And Civil Law

We provide a free consultation for civil litigation and tort law cases. If you or a loved one have been harmed through some sort of tort, accident, or injury, contact us for a completely free consultation.

In tort and civil cases, when we represent the plaintiff, we only get paid when we win. This makes it very financially feasable and affordable for the clients, because they are not required to pay us out of their own pocket most of the time.

On the other hand, criminal lawyers are usually asking for money up front or put you on a monthly payment plan.

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