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Tort Action Against Employer

Tort Action Against Employer

If you believe that your employment rights have been violated, you may be considering whether you have a potential tort action against employer or your workplace company. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie offers a free consultation, but in the post we will discuss important things to know when thinking about your rights as an employee.

There are a wide variety of tort action against employers. Tort actions can include

  1. Wrongful termination torts,
  2. Minimum wage violations
  3. Overtime law torts
  4. Workers compensation tort injury claims
  5. Whistleblower retaliation claims
  6. Wrongful dismissal tort actions
  7. and much more.

Tort Action Lawyer Against Employer

Tort Action Lawyer Against Employer
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As a lawyer one of the first questions I like to ask during a tort action labor law free consultation call is to ask whether the employee is still working for the company and is currently employed by them, or if the employee has already been fired from their position or their employer terminated him or her.

Because if you are still working for the company you should consider whether you want to sue your employer while you are still working there.

However, in most jurisdictions, it is illegal for your employer to wrongfully terminate you just because you have brought a legal claim against your employer.

Most employers know that is unlawful and wrongful to retaliate against employees and discriminate or bully and employee that has brought a legal claim or potential tort action against employer or workplace.

Wrongful retaliation claims can be very costly for employers and their corresponding insurance companies they are insured by so it is something employers usually know not to do.

Tort Action Lawyer. Claims Against Employer.

This whistleblower and retaliation protection regulations has been created by the legislature so that employees feel comfortable to fight for their legal rights such as minimum wage violations, rest break and lunch break torts, unsafe working conditions, hostile work environments, work injuries, and all other types of employment violations without being scared of losing their job.

The second thing I like to do during a free consultation for tort action against employer is to ask the employee if the employee has his or her employment documents such as a copy of the employee handbook, any documents signed by the employee, copies of payroll records or human resources documents, time cards and paycheck stubs, and all other relevant employment documents.

By analyzing these documents a lot of information about a potential claim becomes more clear.

There are tight deadlines on many tort action against employer claims. So if you believe that you even might have a potential claim, you should always speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

As a lawyer, I charge no upfront fees and I only get paid when you win. If we do not win, we do not charge our labor law violation client anything.

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