Tort Accident Parking Lot Injury Lawyer

Tort Accident Parking Lot Injury Lawyer

Hello, I am civil tort accident lawyer Jimmy Hanaie and I offer a free consultation and free civil tort consultation 24/7. It’s true, civil tort accident parking lot car crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crash, slip and falls, and other parking lot or parking garage injuries can cause major injuries.

Yes, Tort Accident Parking Lot Cases Are Very Common.

Civil tort accident parking lot crashes happen daily. For example, rear ended accidents, slip and fall injuries due to tripping over cement curb stops or unmarked parking blocks, t-bone accident crashes when backing out of parking spots improperly, and entering or exiting parking lots.

Why Do Tort Parking Lot Accidents Happen?

Many times parking lots can be very busy and jam packed or create blind spots when vehicles and pedestrians are entering or exiting parking lots. People are busy with their day walking with shopping carts, people are thinking about their purchases or trying to locate or find their vehicle and may not remember where they parked, trying to figure out directions, buckle their children and themselves in and more. For all of these reasons, many severe accidents happen in parking lots.

Commercial Vehicle Tort Accident Parking Injuries

Often and frequently, tort accident parking lot garage car crashes and injuries occur due to grocery trucks, the supermarket commercial vehicles, and other industrial vehicles loading merchandise or unloading boxes of goods and products for the variety of shopping center stores and shops. For example, Amazon Fresh, Vons, Ralphs, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Target, Costco, Mcdonalds, and other vehicles of commercial businesses that may be transacting business in the shopping center.

Tort Accident Parking Lot Injury Lawyer
Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

Getting Paid Compensation For Tort Accident Parking Lot Personal Injuries

The way the injury or accident happens has a big impact on the possible amount of compensation an injured person or victim may be able to get when thinking about how much compensation you can get for a tort accident parking lot injury as your financial recovery settlement compensation.

Insurance Policy Limits in Parking Garage Tort Injury Cases

Generally speaking, commercial vehicles have higher insurance policy limits than regular family vehicle sedans usually do. In addition if you fell down or got injured due to the negligence or recklessness of the landlord property owner of the parking lot, you may be able to go after high insurance policy limits that property liability insurance policies cover usually. Sometimes you may be able to go after more than one insurance policy or may be able to sue negligent parties, defendants, or tortfeasor on a personal level as one for their personal assets.

Steps To Take After Parking Lot Tort Accident

It is important to take proper steps after getting injured in a parking lot tort accident or personal injury matter. Taking down license plate numbers, drivers license information, taking photographs of the parking lot and vehicles or people involved, filing an incident report with the store or business, requesting an ambulance if needed, and other factors may all play a role when later proving the strength of the liability or physical damages or property damages you suffered.

Lawyer Offering Free Consultation For Tort Accident Cases

The range of compensation for tort accident parking lot cases can vary greatly. Having a powerful and experienced local tort accident parking lot attorney on your side can be of great benefit and advantage. We offer a completely free consultation and free case evaluation. If you or a loved one were injured, call now and speak to attorney Jimmy Hanaie for your completely free, no obligation, consultation today.