Tort Accident Law Explained

Tort Accident Law Explained
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I am tort accident law attorney Jimmy Hanaie. I have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to tort accident claims. Let’s just say I have been successfully handling and helping with tort law and accident cases for many years now. But I still remember taking my first tort law class in law school and how confusing it seemed at first. So in this post I want to help simplify the topic for you and provide as much helpful information as I can for you.

A Tort Accident is a civil legal claim, not a criminal case. Torts are caused when an injury is caused due to someone’s negligence. Whoever created the injury is referred to as Tortfeasor. The person who is injured is referred to as the Plaintiff.

Tort Accident Law You Should Know

In a tort claim, the plaintiff is generally seeking a recovery of financial compensation to compensate their injuries. Stick around and read more to learn more from the experienced tort lawyer. In this post we will further explain a lot of helpful information about these types of claims. Civil tort attorney Jimmy Hanaie has been a lawyer since 2013 and has handled many car accident, slip and fall, lemon law, wrongful death, and other tort legal cases successfully.

How Long Does A Tort Accident Claim Take?

Some tort complaints are settled early on through tort negotiations and settlements with the Defendant or insurance company or employer. However, other times the tort timeline can drag on and take a lot longer even to the point of statute of limitations deadlines and when that happens it may be necessary to file a tort lawsuit with the court in order to preserve the statute of limitations deadline for tort accident law or other tort law cases.

Tort Accident Law Statute Of Limitations

The specific and exact time limit of the statute of limitations depends on many factors and may also depend on who caused the harm or whether the harm was caused by a governmental agency or city such as a pedestrian injury that was caused by a uneven sidewalk slip and fall.

Civil Tort Accident Law Cases vs. Criminal Cases

Tort accident cases are a type of civil claim or civil action in comparison and contrast to criminal cases. In civil cases such as tort claims, the person bringing the person is called the Plaintiff and he or she is generally making a tort claim in order to get paid monetary financial compensation for the harm or negligence or damages suffered through the negligence, recklessness, or other civil wrongdoing of the Defendant.

How Much Can You Get Paid For Tort Accident Law Cases?

You may be wondering how much compensation you may be entitled to for your tort injury case or other tort legal matter. The accuracy of determining the level of compensation you or a loved one may be entitled to depends on many factors and elements. Some of those elements include the level of damage or injury you or the family member suffered.

Example of Tort Accident Law Compensation Factors

For example, lifelong injuries can cause a greater level of damage leading to a higher level of compensation. However, even if the damages are high in order to be able to get paid high compensation, you must also generally look at who caused the harm, and the insurance policy coverage limits of that person which can be big indicators of the maximum recoverable amount of tort compensation or tort damages you may be able to collect as your financial recovery in the way of financial compensation.

More About Tort Deform Blog.

Tort Deform is the name of this blog. In the legal arena and legal world there is constantly changing laws and regulations and some of those include recovery limits that are placed on different types of injuries by legislature and courts. So it is important to always speak with an experienced attorney that can speak to you about current developments in tort accident law and what you may be able to expect after a car accident tort or other type of tort issue arises.

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