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Sue Dealership Service Department

Sue Dealership Service Department

It may be a good idea to sue dealership service department if you have been having problems. You would not be the first person to sue dealership service department for the problems and headaches they create. In fact, there is no fee unless we win and you might be entitled to a large settlement.

Yes, you can sue dealership service department for defective vehicle lemon law problems, auto fraud, and other claims. Generally, you can hire an attorney to help you with no upfront cost. Suing a dealership service department may result in getting a reimbursement of your car payments and downpayment deposit.

We have are a highly experienced law firm that has a big focus on suing automobile dealerships, manufacturers, and service departments for the problems they cause for consumers. As a consumer, you have certain important consumer rights that we believe in fighting for.

When I drive home after a long day at work, I feel safer knowing that the vehicles on the road are safe and not defective. Unfortunately, many of the vehicles created by automobile manufacturers are defective lemon law vehicles. The service departments fail to fix them within a reasonable time period or number of visits as well.

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Why Do You Want To Sue The Service Department?

It is not a coincidence that you are here on our website. Suing automobile service department manufacturers is what we do best. Additionally, our lemon law service is very affordable, because we do not charge you a single penny unless we win.

So if you are having a dispute with them or having car problems, contact us today. We are generally available all day and all night, even on weekends, to discuss your vehicle issues. The road never stops, and we don’t either.

Even if the service department has told you that there is nothing wrong with your car, they may be lying. They may have told you that they were not able to duplicate the problem, but that is not a requirement of suing the automobile manufacturer.

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