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Returning Faulty New Car To Dealer

Returning Faulty New Car To Dealer

Returning faulty new car to dealer? Attorney Jimmy Hanaie handles cases involving returning faulty new car to dealer (used car, new car, etc) and getting paid compensation for having to dealing with the faulty new car problems. There are important steps, criteria, and requirements in making this happen.

Generally, returning faulty new car to dealer under the lemon law has some important requirements. The main requirements include the faulty car had warranty, the faults were covered by the warranty, and the manufacturer failed to adequately repair the car within a reasonable number of repair attempts.

By qualifying for the lemon law, your new car or used car may also qualify to get a lemon law buyback from the manufacturer entitling you to compensation. This compensation generally includes reimbursement for your downpayment, monthly car payments, lease payments, finance payments, and more.

Returning Faulty New Car

Documents in a case are very important. If you have received any repair invoices, work order, vehicle contract, lease agreement, or other documents it is needed to keep all of these documents as organized and neat as possible. We review these documents to see how strong of a case you might have.

The repair invoices and work order explain and notate the problems and issues you discussed with the dealership for the most part. They also generally include information about what the dealership repair shop wrote down about the repairs and any work performed by the repair shop and their findings. For example, they will write down if they were not able to duplicate the problem.

Take the next step and initiate a free consultation with our experienced law firm. We want to talk about your faulty new car and what stage you are in regarding return the vehicle. You may have already taken steps or been rejected or denied.

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