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Paralyzed Quotes

Enjoy these paralyzed quotes. Top 60 paralyzed quotes about being important, motivational, inspirational, bible, and more. Maybe you want it for friend or family member or for someone who is paralyzed. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is a top paralysis lawyer. He charges no fee unless he wins. If you or a loved one are looking for powerful legal help, contact us today.



“Don’t for a second believe that you are not important because you are paralyzed. One day you and everyone else will find out you are more important than anyone ever realized.”


“You know who is important? You. You know who I think about? You. You know who has the best mind? You. Do not ever discount yourself. Even paralyzed, you are the most important person in every room. You mean the world to me. You are a big part of my heart and life. I Love You.”


“Important …That is what you are to me. Your flesh is my flesh but that is not what is important to me. You are important to me your heart, your mind, YOU. That you is not paralyzed.”


“Even paralyzed, there is an important reason you are on this earth. Even if you don’t see it now, the Lord will show you how. I respect your optimism you are so important to me.”


“Your life is important. Even if you are paralyzed. None of us choose the cards we are dealt. However, every card in the deck is an important one. We do not know how life will play out right now, but as life moves forward, you will see how everything connects and makes sense.”


“What makes someone important? Their beating heart. Their kind soul. Their hard work and perseverance. Their friends & family. Although you may be paralyzed, you are so important and loved.”


“You are important to the world. Being paralyzed does not change that fact. Actually, being paralyzed could make you even more important to the world. With your unique circumstances you have the power to take a big stand for so many people.”


“You are wanted in 50 states for being so important to me. I hope you are doing amazing and being paralyzed isn’t getting in the way too much today. Sending you love.”


“You are so important to me. Paralyzed or not, you’re all I got.”


“You’ve got the winner mentality. That makes you so important. You strive with consistency. That is what champions do. You bring awareness to the paralyzed. You’re so important to my eyes.”


“Thankfully, your mind is not paralyzed because you have a beautiful mind. Thinking of you makes me happy. Your smile makes me smile. Your laugh makes me laugh. You are so IMPORTANT to me.”


“Many important people in the past and in the present are paralyzed. They bring so much encouragement, hope, and happiness to so many people and families around the world. They are heroes.”


“We need to bring more awareness to paralysis and the paralyzed. It is a very important cause.”


“I don’t think of you as a paralyzed person. I think of you as a very important person. You’re my VIP.”


“Do you know what you are to me? You are Important to me. Very important. Not paralyzed.”


“You are important. If you are paralyzed you are important. Never forget that.”


“You are my VIP. You are my “Very important person” paralyzed or not.”


“You are in my VIP club. Being paralyzed sucks. But you are my “Very Important Person.”


“Being paralyzed does not make you any less or more important. You have the power to build yourself up with your attitude and commitment towards your goals and the world.”



“I respect you SO MUCH Even while you are paralyzed, you are such a bright person more than we ever realized. You’ve shown me how to be happy.”


“Day by day, I see how committed and brave you truly are. Your paralyzed body does not stop you from having a beautiful mind. You inspire me so much.”


“Will I ever stop loving you? I wont.”


“You make paralyzed look good. There are many paralyzed people in this big world, but the difference with you is that you make it look so good. You are a beautiful inspiration.”


“For someone who is paralyzed, you are such an incredible inspiration. Your personality and attitude is that of an absolute winner.”


“Have I told you recently? How important you are to me. How much you inspire me. You bring so much happiness into my life even during the hard times. I love you at all times. You are not paralyzed to me.”


“I respect you SO MUCH Even while you are paralyzed, you are such a bright person more than we ever realized. You’ve shown me how to be happy.”


“You know you are powerful. Hardship does not make you weak. You have so much strength every week. It is not easy for anyone to be paralyzed. You have strong will and a big heart I realized. You open my eyes to what strength looks like. Look in the mirror that is what power looks like. Don’t give up your power. Stay inspired.”


“I want to take the time to say Thank you for being strong. Thank you for getting along. Thank you for inspiring me. No one has ever been paralyzed with so much style like you. My beautiful.”


“You are an inspiration. You show people how to stay strong even in the most difficult situations. You are not letting being paralyzed stop you.”


“I got an idea today! To tell you how much I love you and everything will be okay. We can do this. We’ll get through this. Even while paralyzed, you are able to give me so much strength.”


“Although I do a lot for you. I want to take the time to say… You mean a lot to me. You really do. Paralyzed or not. You’re all i got. Your beautiful spirit always inspires me.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. I always knew how strong you are. I know that you can go so far. The car accident may have paralyzed you for now, But dont let it define who you are. You are powerful, brave, intelligent, amazing, so loveable, and so inspirational. You are so amazing you really are. You Are An inspirational person. I love you.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. Even after your slip and fall, Even after becoming paralyzed, Even after Crying tears, Even when you have fears, Even when you need me near, and even when you need time alone, you’re the biggest inspiration that I know, you have amazing strength of character That other people don’t.”


“You have always been such a beautiful person. Both on the inside and outside. Now for someone who is said to be “paralyzed” you remain one of the most beautiful inspirational people I have ever known.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. P is for the perfect person you are. A is for the awesome attitude you have. R is for the rare mind you possess. A is for all the Personality You Have. L is for the love that we share. y is for the fact that i’m yours. Z is for the zoo because you’re so cute. E is for the excitement i get from you. D is for the determination and all you do.”


“I see how you fight if you look and notice. You are a courageous warrior and I know that you know this. Its hard to be paralyzed, its sucks its bogus, but you show so much strength with you is where my home is.”




“You are a hero. You are a person that is motivated and keeps fighting the difficulty and challenges. Being paralyzed is hard, but you are a champion.”


“Let being paralyzed motivate you. You can still achieve your dreams. You are not the only person on your team. We love you so much.”


“I know this must be a difficult time for you, being paralyzed is certainly painful, and I feel for you. You should know, you are so strong and amazing.”


“You are so powerful, even over your own emotions. I am always here for you. I love you. I want you to know that you and you alone have the power to choose how brave and powerful you are going to be in life. I need to tell you I am so proud of you. Even paralyzed, you impress me. You choose the higher road, and choose to be happy in life. You are such a blessing to me.”


“You have so many gifts and abilities. You are one of the brightest and most intelligent people I know. You struggles with being paralyzed do not make that less. You are stronger and smarter than ever before.”


“You have the abilities to endure. You are a champion for sure. You are one of the most loving and caring people I know. You are a fighter full of strength and know how to make the best out of any situation. Even being paralyzed. I love you.”


“I love how you laugh and enjoy the day. I always think of you every time I pray. Your beautiful laugh brightens up my day. I know being paralyzed is a lot each day, but I know you know the way to love life anyway.”


“One thing I love about you is that you have a lot of hope. You tell your sad emotions nope. Even paralyzed, you heal and cope. You sacrifice your rope to bring others love and hope. You are capable of doing so many amazing things. You live, you laugh, you are so cool so dope. Even more than you knowpe.”


“Some of the most incredible people in life got to where they are through adversity. They fought through the difficulty and challenges and grew even more courage and bravery as a result. I’m sorry you are paralyzed. Anything can happen to anyone, but I am so happy that you happen to be in my life with me.”


“You will see beauty in a new way. Maybe more than you ever knew was even possible before. With a heart as big as yours, even being paralyzed can not take away the love from your life. I know for one that I love you. You strength is so admirable.”


“I want you to know that you are a giver. You brighten my life too the same way I do for you. I am so blessed that you are in my life. You bring a lot of silly times, laughter, love, someone to talk to, and much more. Even paralyzed. You are someone I absolutely adore. I love you. Thank you for being you.”


“Never accept absolutes. You are a powerful individual capable of doing things that no one has though would be ever possible for you in your life. Also, technology is getting better and better every day and so many things are going to be possible. Do not place limitations on yourself. Paralyzed or not, you are one of the most creative and loving people that I know. Never change that.”


“In the game of life, we do not always get to choose the cards that we are dealt. We need to find the joy and love for the game. The daily challenges you go through, calling the bluff, being tough, even when its rough. Always knowing that you are enough. You are someone that I deeply love. Give yourself that love too.”



“What makes someone important? Their beating heart. Their kind soul. Their hard work and perseverance. Their friends & family. Although you may be paralyzed, you are so important and loved.”


“Mrk 2:4 Since they couldn’t bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof over the place where he was. They dug through it and let down the mat on which the paralyzed man was lying.”


“Matt 9:2 Tools All at once some people brought him a paralyzed man lying on a stretcher. When Jesus saw their faith, he told the paralyzed man, “Be courageous, son! Your sins are forgiven.”


“His fame spread throughout Syria, and people brought to him everyone who was sick those afflicted with various diseases and pains, the demon-possessed, the epileptics, and the paralyzed and he healed them.”


“Hab 1:4 “Therefore, the Law has become paralyzed, and justice never comes about. Because criminals outnumber the righteous, whenever judgments are issued, they come out crooked.”


“Ezek 29:7 “When they took hold of you by your hand, you broke, and tore all their shoulders; and when they leaned on you, you broke, and paralyzed all of their thighs.””


“Jer 50:43 The king of Babylon will become paralyzed with fear when he hears news of their coming. Anguish will grip him, agony like that of a woman giving birth to a baby.”


“1 Kgs 18:21 Elijah approached all the people and said, “How long are you going to be paralyzed by indecision? If the Lord is the true God, then follow him, but if Baal is, follow him!” But the people did not say a word.”


“1 Sam 25:37 In the morning when Nabal sobered up, his wife told him about these events. Then he had a seizure and became paralyzed.”

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