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Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

Your odds of winning lemon law cases is very important. Odds of losing or winning a lemon law claim depend on several elements and factors. We will discuss super helpful information in this article about odds, chances, and probability of winning a lemon law case.

Generally, odds of winning lemon law cases depend on several important factors. These factors include your vehicle year, when problems began, number of dealership repair visits, car warranty terms, severity of problems, and where the dealership is located.

Your Vehicle Year

For the most part, new cars have higher odds of winning lemon law cases than used cars. However, used cars can also qualify for the lemon law in certain circumstances.

When Problems Began

Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

When your problems began and when you started getting repairs done impact the odds of winning or losing a claim for lemon law. Usually, if you took your car in for repairs earlier, it will positively impact your odds.

Lemon Law Presumption

Typically, if your car had repairs done between 18 months or 18,000 miles (whichever happens first), it will strengthen your lemon law claim. Therefore, the earlier your problems began and you get repairs done on the vehicle, you will likely increase your odds of winning.

Number of Repair Visits

Very often, the higher the number of repair visits you had for your car with the dealership, the higher your odds for lemon law will be. Although cases with 1 or 2 repair visits can win too sometimes, if you had 3 or 4 or more repair visits it will probably strengthen your claim.

Reason For Repairs

Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

Additionally, if the repairs were about the same problem multiple times, that usually will make your claim stronger as well. Still, having more repairs done will probably still positively impact your case even if the repairs were not all related to one another.

30 Days Out of Service

If your car was being repaired for 30 days or more consecutively, this will greatly improve your chances and odds of having a strong lemon law case. Cars that are 30 days out of service due to repairs, are a strong indication that the repair time was unreasonable.

Car Warranty

For the lemon law, it is important that your car repairs were performed under your car warranty by a certified car dealership. If during your repairs your warranty was expired or void due to too many miles, too much time passing, or unauthorized modifications, this will very negatively impact your odds or can even destroy your chances completely.

Did You Pay For Repairs?

Did You Pay For Repairs

For example, if the dealership required you to pay for the repairs, then chances are your warranty was not intact. However, sometimes they are wrong and may have acted negligently and you may still have a case. This is a case by case determination.

Significance of Problems

The more seriously the lemon law problems affected the use, safety, and value of your vehicle, the higher your odds of winning a lemon law case will likely be. For example, problems affecting the engine or transmission are usually a lot stronger than those that are related to the radio or window.

Nevertheless, even if your problems involved only minor issues with the vehicle, you can still win a lemon law claim in many situations.

Location of Dealership

The location of the dealership where you got the vehicle also has a major impact on your case. For example, for the California lemon law, it is generally required that you purchased or leased your vehicle within the state of California.

Each state may have its own rules, so jurisdiction plays a huge role for the lemon law as well.

No Fee Until We Win

Odds Of Winning Lemon Law

One great thing about our lemon law service is that we charge zero fee unless we win. If we do not win, we simply do not get paid. So even if your odds do not seem strong, we always encourage you to call us for a completely free consultation.

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Generally, odds of winning lemon law are high if your car was having problems under warranty. There are Law Firms that state 90% success rates. So, the odds of winning lemon law can be very high. Many people get paid big compensation settlements.

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