Number Of Repairs Before A New Car Is A Lemon?

Number of Repairs Before A New Car Is A Lemon?

People want to know the number of repairs required before a new car is a lemon. The number of repairs needed in a lemon law car case will be discussed here. Your car may be experiencing problems that the car dealership is unable to properly fix.

Generally, a minimum of two repair attempts is the required number of repairs before a new car is a lemon. Additionally, one repair attempt can be enough if the repair took 30 days or longer. You should always speak with an attorney about your exact legal situation.

A big question is whether the amount of car repairs was “reasonable.” For example, if the car defects are likely to create severe bodily injury or death, that is a more unreasonable circumstance created by the manufacturer. Your health and safety is of upmost importance so always speak with an attorney immediately.

No Fee Unless We Win?

You pay nothing upfront for our legal services. We only get paid if the client wins. So, it is very affordable to hire an attorney to help you with your lemon law situation. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is available to speak to you about your car, truck, motorcycle, or appliance.

Even if you have had zero repairs so far, we are happy to speak to you about your vehicle. We know how frustrating it can be to purchase or lease a defective car. This can cause interruption with your daily life, place of employment, and more. Fortunately, you are not alone. We are here to speak with you.

The more severe your vehicle problems are, the more important the repairs are. For example, the car manufacturer is responsible for making cars that have safe engines, transmissions, and more. However, even if you have less serious issues with your vehicle, you should learn more about your lemon law legal rights.

Number Of Repairs

For most of our cases, the vehicle consumer has had at least 2 car repair attempts. This shows that the problem was not properly fixed the first time, and that the car defect reoccurred. Still, it is better if you have even more repairs performed. However, you should know that in some situations even 1 car repair can be enough to qualify if the repairs dragged out for a long time (Usually 30 days or more).

Importantly, it is very helpful to keep the documents related your number of repairs. Always, ask the dealership for copies of your repair invoices. These documents explain the customer’s complaints and the steps taken by the dealership repair shop.

In the case Krieger v. Nick Alexander Imports, Inc., 234 Cal.App.3d 205 from 1991 at California’s Second District Court of Appeals, a lot of rules were discussed regarding the statute of limitations. This legal case provides helpful information about the lemon law.

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